Fishing News/Fall Tuna

by Dr. Ken Neill, III

As I write this, the Saltwater Tournament Committee meets tonight. In the next article I will have some changes in the citation program to write about. These could be minor changes in minimum sizes or a major change of doing away with weights and just using lengths for citations. I will find out tonight. Ed Bell has been busy and has updated the Bragging Board page. Check it out to see some new photographs and send in some more pictures so he can have them for future updates to the bragging board.

The fall tuna chunk bite is finally underway. The best locations have been where some warm water shoves in over the 100-fathom curve. Recently, this has been around the Norfolk Canyon and down south of the Triple 0s. Seabass can be caught on most of the ocean wrecks. Plenty of false albacore and some king mackerel are available in the cooler inshore water. In the bay, most are targeting stripers. Larger fish, some pushing 40 inches, are being caught at the CBBT. For variety, tautog action has picked up as the water cools.

Oct. 26, I ran down south with Charles Southall, Steve Powell, and Jeff Dail. We tried for tuna around the 900 line near the 100-fathom curve. We missed a couple on the troll and then managed to catch one on the chunk. It was a nice one weighing in at 57 pounds. We then ran on in to the B Tower and caught a bunch of false albacore. Steve Powell released a 32-inch fish for his 6th different citation of the year earning him the Expert Angler Award. We also picked up a wahoo that was just shy of a citation at 29.25 pounds.

Oct. 25, I ran down south with Steve Powell, Dave Moss, and Jeff Dail. We tried for tuna around the 850 line near 100 fathoms. We didn’t catch any tuna. We did manage a 300 pound blue marlin. Dave was the lucky angler. It was his first blue marlin and yes we threw him in the water when we got back to Rudee sometime after dark. He didn’t stay in the water long. He said something about it being a bit cold. We stopped in at the B Tower on the way in and caught a bunch of false albacore. Dave and Jeff each released one long enough for a citation. It was Jeff’s 6th citation of the year earning him the Expert Angler Award. We also caught a 13-pound king mackerel. A significant note: Dave skipped out on his wife’s birthday in order to fish. After catching two citations, including his first blue marlin, Dave has decided it needs to be an annual event. I think Dave is in trouble.

Oct. 25, Capt. Richard Bartlett took a charter down to the 850 line where they chunked up 7-yellowfin tuna. They also caught a big blue shark while chunking. To charter Richard call (757) 876-5376.

Oct. 25, Capt. Nolan Agner was also tuna fishing at the 850 line. They caught 7 yellowfin. A couple on the troll and the rest were caught while chunking.

Oct. 25, Craige Stallings, Doug Roper, and Dwight Toms wire-lined the CBBT near the 3rd island. Using bombers, they brought home a limit of stripers to 37 inches.

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