It's Only Ink! The Man Who Spoke With Cats

It's Only Ink!
The Man Who Spoke With Cats

MacGregor loved his cats. He'd sit on his porch on cool mornings and feed them as he overlooked the countryside of Southern Scotland.
Told through the eyes of old man MacGregor and his four cats, Little Face, Cleo, Tavish, and Blue Eyes. Each of them finds a different way to spend their day. When noontime came round and Blue Eyes never showed up, MacGregor began to worry. He tried keeping his mind busy tinkering in the garden, but his worry started to overwhelm him. Where is Blue Eyes? Will she return before nightfall?
"The Man Who Spoke With Cats" is an inspirational and loving story that embraces family and friendship. Loyalty, love, and trust abound throughout the beautifully drawn pages by Illustrator Steve Ferchaud.
"The Man Who Spoke With Cats" shows the unconditional love we feel for our pets as well as capturing the love, affection, and appreciation our pets give us--never expecting anything in return.
This heartwarming story is a must have!
T. E. Watson includes a "Glossary of Scottish Words" to help children understand the Scottish dialect used within the story.
"The Man Who Spoke With Cats" would make a wonderful addition to every library--in homes and schools.
This reviewer highly recommends "The Man Who Spoke With Cats" by T. E. Watson for all ages.

The Man Who Spoke With Cats by T. E. Watson
Publisher: Highlands Children's Press
ISBN: 1-58478-013-4
Release: 2006
Price: $18.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

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