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Ghost Whisperer

If you haven't been watching "Ghost Whisperer" you're missing out! Of course, you don't have to believe in ghosts to watch this thrilling show.
About the Show
Melinda Gordon has a gift. Ever since she was a girl she possessed the ability to receive messages from spirits that have passed. These spirits use Melinda as a conduit to pass messages to the living...sometimes this information is too intense and scattered to understand. This leads to skepticism by the living and confusion for Melinda. But when she is able to aid both the deceased and the living Melinda realizes this unearthly talent is gift to human kind and that it is her calling to help all those that have passed connect to those that have survived.
Inspired in part by the work of famed medium James Van Praagh and of Mary Ann Winkowski, "Ghost Whisperer" explores the spiritual side of life and death as Melinda navigates among the dead and the living in her sometimes chilling, sometimes heart-rending and sometimes amusing attempts to act as an intermediary between the ghosts and those they haunt.
Jim, her husband, worries about the emotional toll this work is taking on his wife as they embark on a new life together.
Melinda is somewhat reluctant to reveal her "gift" to new friend Delia Banks (Camryn Manheim), a single mom who lives in Grandview, fearing the consequences of drawing her into this "unconventional" world. For her part, Melinda accepts her unique abilities as a blessing and sometime a curse, but always helps her clients--alive or dead--find emotional closure.
Main Characters
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon
David Conrad as Jim Clancy
Camryn Manheim as Delia Banks