Relinquish Right-of-Way: Governor Lane Boulevard

Relinquish Right-of-Way
Governor Lane Boulevard

Deputy Director of Public Works Joe Kroboth brought this request, to relinquish a portion of existing Right-of-Way for Governor Lane Boulevard to Homewood Retirement Center (HRC), before the Board.
HRC has mowed and maintained a significant portion of the existing right-of-way on the North West side of Governor Lane Boulevard. HRC is in the planning and implementation phase of a major redevelopment of its facilities and is in need of the area in question for parking and to otherwise facilitate their plan. They have requested that the County grant this portion to them in fee simple to them.
In 1968, the State Highway Administration acquired rights-of-way for Governor Lane Boulevard from U.S. Route 11 to Maryland Route 68 and turned them over to Washington County.
For no known reason the width of the right-of-way widens progressively beginning at Edward Doub Road from 100-to 200-feet within a length of about 500-feet The County does have clear title to the subject area. HRC has a section mowed as wide as 80-feet and more than 1,000-feet in length. Staff finds that the properties on both sides of Governor Lane Boulevard are fully developed and the existing roadway and shoulders are more than adequate for current and future traffic patterns. Any possible future widening would not require 200-feet of right-of-way even for drainage and a minimum width of 80-feet is sufficient for such purposes.
In addition any decision by the Board to convey the portion requested by Homewood Retirement Center would not adversely affect the safety of public transportation on Governor Lane Boulevard.
Consensus was reached to develop a 5-year lease on the property at $1.00 per year to Homewood, and consult with other property owners in the area to evaluate possible uses for the 200 foot right of way along the length of Governor Lane Boulevard that is owned by the County.