It's Only Ink! Diamondback Turtles

It's Only Ink!
Diamondback Turtles

What would you do if you found turtle eggs in your sandbox? That's what happened to Maggie after a mama diamondback terrapin (Maryland's turtle) lays her eggs by the shore. Maggie decides to care for the turtles until it is safe to set them free in the bay.
She learns as much as she can about the diamondbacks caring for them for 9 months. With the help of her mother and professionals, she says goodbye.
"Turtles in My Sandbox" teaches and reinforces the act of caring for the world and the animals that inhabit it.
For creative minds, "Turtles in My Sandbox" would work well in an elementary school curriculum, supporting life science and nature. It is full of accurate and factual information, giving fun facts, crafts, vocabulary and games in the back of the book.
This beautiful full color picture book was a pleasure to read to my three little inquisitive minds.
"Turtles in My Sandbox" by Jennifer Keats Curtis comes highly recommended.

Turtles in My Sandbox by Jennifer Keats Curtis
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing
ISBN: 0-9768823-7-X
Release: 2006
Price: $15.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

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