Oct 8-14: This Week in History

This Week in History
October 08

451 Council of Chalcedon (4th ecumenical council) opens
876 Charles the Bald is defeated at the Battle of Andernach.
1604 The supernova called "Kepler's nova" is 1st sighted
1775 Officers decide to bar slaves & free blacks from Continental Army
1818 Two English boxers are 1st to use padded gloves
1886 Start of the Sherlock Holmes adventure "The Noble Bachelor" (BG)
1896 Dow Jones starts reporting an average of industrial stocks
1904 1st Vanderbilt Cup auto race (Hicksville, Long Island, NY)
1909 Chicago Cubs beat NY Giants 4-2 in a playoff to win NL pennant
1922 NY Giants beat Yankees, 4 games to 0, with a tie in 19th World Series
1927 NY Yankees sweep Pirates in 24th World Series
1933 Coit Tower dedicated in SF, a monument to firefighters
1935 Ozzie Nelson marries Harriet Hilliard (Ozzie & Harriet)
1939 NY Yankees sweep Reds in 36th World Series, 4th straight WS win
1944 "Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" debut on CBS radio
1945 Truman announced atomic bomb secret shared with Britain & Canada
1955 Worlds most powerful aircraft carrier, Saratoga (US), launched
1964 Ringo Starr takes & passes his driving test
1971 John Lennon releases his megahit "Imagine"
1981 President Reagan greeted predecessors Jimmy Carter, Gerald R Ford & Richard Nixon before sending them to Egypt for Anwar Sadat's funeral
1982 Poland bans Solidarity
1990 US doctors Joseph E Murray & E Donnall Thomas win Nobel Prize
This Week in History
October 09

680 Husain ibn 'Ali, Shi'i religious leader, enters martyrdom
1000 Leif Ericson discovers "Vinland" (possibly New England)
1446 Korean Hangual alphabet devised
1876 1st 2-way telephone conversation, 1st over outdoor wires
1888 Public admitted to Washington Monument
1915 Woodrow Wilson becomes 1st president to attend a World Series game (World Series #12)
1916 Babe Ruth pitches & wins longest WS game (14 innings) 2-1
1921 Babe Ruth's 1st WS homer; only Sunday game ever pitched by Carl Mays
1928 NY Yankees sweep Cards in 25th World Series, Ruth hits 3 HR in game - NY Yankees become 1st to sweep consecutive World Series
1930 1st transcontinental flight by a woman completed, Laura Ingalls
1936 Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to LA
1940 John Lennon from the Beatles is born.
1946 1st electric blanket manufactured; sold for $39.50
1947 1st telephone conversation between a moving car & a plane
1949 Harvard Law School begins admitting women.
1961 Tanganyika becomes independent within the British Commonwealth
1965 Beatles' "Yesterday," single goes #1 & stays #1 for 4 weeks
1968 Government seizes oil fields in Peru
1970 Khmer Republic (Cambodia) declares independence
1973 Elvis & Priscilla Presley divorce after 6 years
1980 1st consumer use of home banking by computer (Knoxville, TN)
1980 Princess Caroline of Monaco divorces Philippe Junot
1984 Kathy Sullivan becomes 1st US woman to walk in space
This Week in History
October 10

19 Germanicus, the best loved of Roman princes, dies of poisoning. On his deathbed he accuses Piso, the governor of Syria, of poisoning him.
1802 1st non Indian settlement in Oklahoma
1845 The U.S. Naval Academy is founded at Annapolis, MD.
1863 The first telegraph line to Denver is completed.
1865 John Hyatts patents the billiard ball
1886 1st dinner jacket worn to autumn ball at Tuxedo Park, NY (the tuxedo)
1904 Yanks 2 games out play 1st place Red Sox on final day doubleheader game winner Chesbro loses the 1st game & chance at pennant
1911 The Panama Canal opens.
1923 NY Giants & NY Yankees become 1st teams to play each other for 3 consecutive World Series, also 1st played at Yankee Stadium (World Series #20)
1933 1st synthetic detergent for home use marketed
1943 Chiang Kai-shek takes oath of office as president of China
1957 President Eisenhower apologizes to finance minister of Ghana, Komla Agbeli Gbdemah, after he is refused service in a Dover, Del, restaurant
1964 18th modern Olympic games opens in Tokyo
1975 Liz Taylor's 6th marriage (re-marries Richard Burton)
1976 NJ Meadowlands' Giant's Stadium opens
1976 Greece's 98 year-old Dimitrion Yordanidis, is oldest man to compete in a marathon; he finishes in 7:33
1978 President Carter signs a bill authorizing the Susan B Anthony dollar
1982 Pope John Paul II canonizes Reverend M Kolbe, who volunteered to die in place of another inmate at Auschwitz concentration camp, a saint
This Week in History
October 11

1531 The Catholics defeat the Protestants at Kappel during Switzerland's second civil war.
1540 Charles V of Milan puts his son Philip in control.
1727 George II of England crowned.
1811 The Juliana, the 1st steam-powered ferryboat, begins operation
1864 Slavery abolished in Maryland
1865 President Johnson paroles CSA VP Alexander Stephens
1890 Daughters of the American Revolution founded
1906 San Francisco school board orders the segregation of Oriental schoolchildren, inciting Japanese outrage.
1919 1st transcontinental air race ends
1922 1st woman FBI "special investigator" appointed (Alaska Davidson)
1927 Lou Gehrig elected MVP
1968 Apollo 7, with three men aboard, is successfully launched from Cape Kennedy. 1971 Frank McGee becomes news anchor of the Today Show
1972 Prison uprising at Washington DC jail
1975 "Saturday Night Live" premieres with guest host George Carlin
1981 Unknown rocker Prince opens for Rolling Stones at LA Coliseum
1983 Last hand-cranked telephones US went out of service as 440 telephone customers in Bryant Pond, Maine, were switched over to direct-dial
1984 NASA launches space vehicle S-208
1984 VP candidate debate--Geraldine Ferraro (D) & George Bush (R)
1986 Reagan & Gorbachev open talks at a summit in Reykjavik, Iceland
1990 Oil hits a record $40.42 per barrel
This Week in History
October 12

638 Honorius I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
642 John IV ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1492 Columbus arrives in the Bahamas with his crew
1609 The song "Three Blind Mice" is published in London, believed to be the earliest printed secular song.
1861 Confederate ironclad Manassas attacks Union's Richmond on Mississippi
1862 JEB Stuart completes his "2nd ride around McClellan"
1862 Maj Gen Earl Van Dorn assumes command of Conf troops in Missisippi
1915 Theodore Roosevelt criticizes US citzens with dual nationalities
1916 Boston Red Sox beat Brooklyn Dodgers, 4 games to 1 in 13th World Series
1918 1st use of iron lung (Boston's Children Hospital)
1933 Alcatraz Island is made a federal maximum security prison.
1933 John Dillinger escapes from the Allen County, OH, jail
1949 Eugenie Anderson becomes the first woman U.S. ambassador.
1963 At 4 AM, traffic on Bay Bridge is 1-way on each deck
1968 19th modern Olympic games opens in Mexico City
1968 Norma Enriqueta Basilio Satelo is 1st woman to light Olympic flame
1970 President Richard Nixon announces the pullout of 40,000 more 1973 Nixon nominates Gerald Ford to replace Spiro Agnew as VP
1971 The House of Representatives passes the Equal Rights Amendment 354-23.
1978 Representatives of Israel & Egypt open talks in Washington
1988 Israel & China sign trade deal, plan diplomatic relations
American troops in Vietnam by Christmas.
This Week in History
October 13

54 Nero succeeds his great uncle Claudius, who was murdered by his wife, as the new emperor of Rome.
1307 Members of the Knights of Templar are arrested throughout France, imprisoned and tortured by the order of King Philip the Fair of France.
1399 Henry IV of England is crowned.
cannot be used as slaves.
1483 Rabbi Issac Abarbanel starts his exegesis on the Bible
1670 Virginia passes a law that blacks arriving in the colonies as Christians 1792 President George Washington lays the cornerstone for the White House.
1845 Texas ratifies a state constitution
1849 The California state constitution, which prohibits slavery, is signed in Monterey.
1860 1st aerial photo taken in US (from a balloon), Boston
1903 Boston defeats Pittsburgh in baseball's first World Series
1960 3rd presidential debate with Nixon in Hollywood & Kennedy in NY
1963 "Beatlemania" is coined after the Beatles appear at the Palladium
1982 IOC restores 2 gold medals from 1912 Olympics to Jim Thorpe
1983 The Space Shuttle Challenger, carrying seven, the largest crew to date, lands safely at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
1986 25th NY, NL appearance in World Series (Mets vs A's) (World Series #83)
1987 1st military use of trained dolphins (US Navy in Persian Gulf)
This Week in History
October 14

530 [Discorus] ends his reign as Catholic Pope
1066 Battle of Hastings, in which William the Conqueror wins England
1586 Mary Queen of Scots goes on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth
1651 Laws are passed in Massachusetts forbidding the poor to adopt excessive styles of dress.
1774 1st Continental Congress is 1st to declare colonial rights (Philadelphia)
1834 1st black to obtain a US patent, Henry Blair, for a corn planter
1884 Transparent paper-strip photographic film is patented by George Eastman.
1912 Former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt is shot and wounded in assassination attempt in Milwaukee.
1922 1st automated telephones-Pennsylvania exchange in NYC
1933 Nazi Germany announces withdrawal from League of Nations
1960 Peace Corps 1st suggested by JFK
1964 Reverend Martin Luther King is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for advocating a policy of non-violence.
1975 President Ford escapes injury when his limousine is struck broadside
1978 1st TV movie from a TV series-"Rescue from Gilligan's Island"
1980 Bob Marley's last concert
1980 President nominee Ronald Reagan promises to name a woman to Supreme Court
1982 6,000 Unification church couples wed in Korea