Fishing News/Stripers, Seabass, Swordfish and Some Stubborn Tuna

by Dr. Ken Neill, III

The fantastic spot bite continues. Big fish are being caught in a number of locations but the best location this week has been the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT). Good numbers of stripers are also being caught at this same crossing. Most are small keepers but some larger fish are being caught by chunkers. Plenty of stripers can also be found at the CBBT with the larger fish falling to live bait near the 3rd and 4th islands. Seabass fishing is excellent on the ocean wrecks. Offshore, there has been a flurry of billfish activity, good tuna action, and there are still some dolphin being caught. The few boats that have tried over night trips have had success with swordfish.

Oct. 6, Don Forman fished the tube of the HRBT. They caught 30 spot, nine of which weighed in at over a pound. The largest was 1 lb. 4 oz.

Oct. 5, Craige Stallings, Doug Roper, and Chris Magnuson fished over the tube of the HRBT. In 2.5 hours of fishing, they filled two 5-gallon buckets full of jumbo spot. Ten weighed a pound or better. The largest weighed 1 lb. 3 oz. Bloodworm was the bait of choice.

Oct. 5, I went offshore with Charles Southall, Jorj Head, and Jeff Dail. We stopped on the Fingers on the way out due to slicks, birds, and weed lines. We caught a bunch of false albacore. We then ran on out to 100 fathoms where we picked up two nice yellowfin. They both weighed in at 51.5 pounds each. There were only two other boats out there all day, Top Notch and Aquaman. Both are charter boats. They impressed me a lot. Fishing was very slow. Those guys stayed out there forever to get their charters some fish. There were two other boats out there in the morning that had spent the night. Both had caught a swordfish and were heading in as we were heading out.

Oct. 5, Capt. Nolan Agner took a charter out after tuna. The tuna didnŐt cooperate. They did catch all the false albacore that they wanted to crank and then they loaded up with seabass.

Oct. 5, Don Forman fished the HRBT for a few hours. They caught a bunch of spot, five of which were a pound or better. The biggest was 1 lb. 2 oz. This was DonŐs 6th different citation of the year earning him the Expert Angler Award! Way to go Don!

Oct. 4, Capt. Nolan Agner took a charter out to 100 fathoms south of the Norfolk Canyon. They jumped off a white marlin. They finished the day wreck fishing and loaded up with seabass.

Oct. 4, Capt. Richard Bartlett was out in the deep south of the Norfolk Canyon. He was one of several captains that had luck with billfish in that area. He managed to release two white marlin. To charter Richard call (757) 876-5376.

Oct 4, Brent Meadors fished the Norfolk Canyon, a bit north of where the fleet was catching white marlin and yellowfin tuna. He had a slow day but managed to hook up with a couple of true albacore in the 35-40 pound range. For those that donŐt know, the current state record albacore was caught on BrentŐs boat by Irv Fenton. The long fins must like something about that boat.

Oct. 4, Charles Southall, Jeff Dail, and John Costulis fished the HRBT. They caught 30 spot. Seven weighed a pound or better. Jeff got three citations, the others had two each. The fish were caught on bloodworms over the tube.

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