It's Only Ink! Birthday wishes do come true

It's Only Ink!
Birthday wishes do come true

It's Caleb's 8th birthday and his only wish is to fly. Caleb, sets his cake on his lap, and wheels himself out to the yard to have his birthday cake in his clubhouse. There he spots two blue balloons. Wishing to fly once again, he takes hold of the balloons and soon finds himself high above his family and friends.
Caleb's flying experience is a little uncomfortable at first when a woodpecker lands on his head and begins pecking, and he barely escapes the mouths of alligators!
"Caleb's Birthday Wish" by David Villanueva Sr. is a fun story--simply entertaining.
Villanueva's cute story would work well in a classroom setting. Children and adults of all ages would enjoy his fantastic book. Kids, look for puzzles and games in the back!

Caleb's Birthday Wish by David Villanueva Sr.
Published by: A Better Be Write Publisher
ISBN: 0-9771971-1-5
Price: $17.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

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