Antietam Hall: Outstanding and rare

Antietam Hall
Outstanding and rare

Antietam Hall, a two-story, six-bay brick dwelling, is historically significant for its architecture. Although no exact construction date has been established for the house, it has several features characteristic of 18th century dwellings in Washington County. The presence of a watertable and windows with wide wooden frames showing pegged joining are indicative of early construction. The use of wrought nails and panel doors at the interior as well as the method of construction employed in the first story flooring all suggest an 18th century building date. The structure is also significant for the original decorative stenciling which is present in several rooms on the second story. The presence of such early stenciling is particularly outstanding and certainly rare in Washington County. Few, if any, other examples are in existence in the area.
Antietam Hall is located at 525 Indian Lane in Hagerstown.