It's Only Ink! Brave knights and valiant deeds

It's Only Ink!
Brave knights and valiant deeds

Pages and squires gather in the courtyard of the castle to learn about the way knights behave from Master William.
"Knights" is a collection of tales that teaches readers that being a good knight (good person) is harder than it seems.
Young Tom of Warwick leaves the comfortable surroundings of his home to learn about being a knight and about chivalry. He is scared and alone and wants to return home until he meets Master William, the Armorer. Master William inspires young Tom with action-packed tales of brave men and their valiant deeds. In turn, Tom is determined to work harder so he may one day grow to be a real knight.
The tales range from the court of King Arthur to Prince Vladimir of Kiev to the ancient land of Japan and samurai warriors.
John Matthews cleverly combines the inspiring tales of learning with the present-tense teaching from Master William.
"Knights" teaches children of today that it not only takes a brave heart, but one must also know their weaknesses. The beautiful illustrations by Giovanni Manna bring the knights to life!
This reviewer highly recommends this book of inspiration, motivation, and self-discovery.

Knights by John Matthews
Published by: Barefoot Books,
ISBN: 1-84148-064-9
Price: $19.99
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

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