Points to Ponder: Redeeming ruined lives

Points to Ponder
Redeeming ruined lives
by Pastor Dennis Whitmore

As a pastor, I meet many people who have incredible stories to tell. Their lives have been filled with tragedy, pain, regret and the consequences of poor choices and bad judgment. It has amazed me in my work to see how God can redeem a ruined life. It's encouraging to know that God loves us enough that if we give our lives to Him, He can take the pieces of what's left and build something good from it.
Most of us have made moves or decisions, which turned out to be irreparably wrong. And yet, God picks us up where we are. Philip Yancey, author and amateur chess champion from his college days, tells of a time when he played against a master chess player. With every move Yancey made, the master was able to incorporate it into his own game plan. Whether Yancey's moves were good or when they were mistakes, the master adapted them to his plan. And, in the end, the master won.
So it is with God. Despite the bad turns and losses we have experienced--or caused--and though we have taken the long way home sometimes, our Heavenly Father takes our lives and the pile of broken dreams and bad choices and builds on the foundation of what He plans for the world. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sin. And in Christ, God's love came in person to cover the sin of the world.
It gives great comfort to know that while we still have free will (and can use that power poorly), that God is Sovereign. His will prevails. And if we will trust Him with our lives, He will redeem what has been lost and make something good come of it. There is always hope if your hope is in the Lord.
(ITALICS)"There are many plans in a man's heart, nevertheless the Lord's counsel--that will stand." Proverbs 19:21

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