Board of County Commissioners Actions: August 8, 2006

Board of County Commissioners Actions
Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Real Property Administrator Joe Kuhna brought this request before the Board, for approval of Right of Way (ROW) acquisition for Maugans Avenue improvements
Kuhna told the Board that the ROW and supporting easements made up of 833 square feet fee simple and 922 square feet of revertible construction easement along the northern side of Maugans Avenue near Taco Bell. Total acquisition cost would be $30,000.00. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.
Each week the Board of County Commissioners sets aside time to hear from citizens of Washington County on matters of importance to the community.
Jeff Kline, a member of the Williamsport Town Council, commended the Board for its assistance to that community over the last four years. A request for additional assistance was made, due to cost increases in playground equipment from one fiscal year to the next. The town received $60,000 in state Program Open Space (POS) money to replace equipment at Byron Park, but found that actual costs, including removal of old equipment and installation of new equipment, exceeded $74,000.00. Commissioner Nipps commented that all POS funds had been allocated for the fiscal year and asked if other POS projects could be delayed. The town received $22,000 for a new pavilion and restrooms. Kline said that project could be put on hold as a temporary solution, if POS funds could be moved into the needy project. Fund transfers of that type have occurred before, Nipps said, and the remaining funds could be held over for use in projects for FY 2008. Kline was requested to contact Buildings, Grounds and Parks Director Jim Sterling to find out if the redirection of funds would be approved by the state.
James Devine of Hagerstown raised questions on BioDiesel fuel production and byproduct usage.
Jerry Ditto of Clear Spring presented questions on the status of the proposed TDR program for agricultural easements. County Administrator Rod Shoop replied that the Board approved hiring a consultant to work on a plan and that final development was yet to take place.
Julie Pippel, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator for the Department of Water Quality received a Commissioners' Certificate of Merit for completion of a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Maryland University College. Commissioners' President Greg Snook cited the amount of effort that Pippel put into the educational achievement, conducted on off-hours.