Independent Music Reflections Providential Musical Karma

by Digman

Delicate Flame of Desire
Immrama Records

The Karma of Karnataka is the vocal embracing of two musically beautiful women — Rachel Jones (lead vocals, vocal arrangements, percussion) and Anne-Marie Helder (background vocals, flute and more percussion).

Imbued by the well-played instrumentation - (the causal agency) of Ian Jones (bass, acoustic guitar), Jonathan Edwards (keyboards), Paul Davies (electric guitar) and Gavin John Griffiths (drums and even more percussion) - Delicate Flame of Desire results in a full figured imaginary representational process that is vocally configured into a nine-track musical trigger of metaphorically produced (producer Steve Evans), vocally lush melodiously rock... Listen!

Opening with the sound-shape self-titled instrumental “Karnataka”; a syllabicated (orchestrated) wave front (segue) that leads to the chronological sequence of beautiful vocal events: ‘id est’... “Time Stands Still!” With this song begins the mixture of vocal-point harmonized audio color (R. Jones and Helder), which is further harmonized (colored enhanced) by the ‘singing’ guest performance of Heather Findlay. And it is harmonically expressive. And it is, impressively done (sung).

“The Right Time” (sixth-track) is a ballad of voice-produced lyrical latitudinarian surround-sound. It is beautifully sung by R. Jones and, musically (written by nearly everyone in the band), once again - well done.

Other ‘sing’-out tracks include: “Out Of Reach” and their final track “Heart of Stone.”

Writing all lyrics is the ‘active vocal nucleus’ (AVN) - R. Jones. It is her vocal-choice of proactive vocal-arrangements that give her the full (velvet-replete) background supply of vocal sustenance - She leads (sings) and they (Helder and Findlay) sing (sustain).

And this is the Providential Musical Karma of Delicate Flame of Desire: harmonies controlled by AVN and music composed (deus ex machina) and played... by members of the band!

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© Steven Digman 2003