Old Friends in the Stable: Senior Day...Seniors meeting Seniors

Old Friends in the Stable
Senior Day...Seniors meeting Seniors

Thunder and rain couldn't stop the Seniors from visiting with the retired horses of The Ranger Foundation this year. On June 27, with showers on and off all day, the Homewood Retirement Center of Williamsport shuttle bus arrived at Greenbriar Farm in Keedysville for the 5th year in a row.
The rain paused long enough for the horses to be paraded around the bus, bringing lots of smiles from inside, while a Ranger volunteer stepped onto the bus to narrate. The visitors enjoyed a great view through the large windows, on which some of the curious horses pressed their noses for a closer look.
Each June, The Ranger Foundation hosts Senior Day, where senior citizens meet the senior horses. Residents from area retirement and nursing homes are invited for a field trip to the farm.
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