Music Review: "Looking for You" by Janine Davy

Music Review
"Looking for You" by Janine Davy

Sipping my coffee, early Saturday morning, I popped in a new CD by Janine Davy. I have to say, her debut CD, "Looking for You," was a pleasure to listen to. The style of music, on this 12-song CD, ranges from ballads, sultry blues, rock, and folk. There's something for everyone!
Janine Davy has spent her lifetime advancing her knowledge of musical instruments including the guitar, flute, recorder, piano and voice. Born and raised in Southern Maryland, Janine Davy seemed destined to express herself creatively. She was surrounded by music from the time she was born. Her Peabody-trained father was principle flutist with the United States Air Force Band and performed all over the world. Her mother, who sang like an angel and played piano, taught her children the joy of singing in harmony. While she dabbles in poetry and writing music for lyricists, Janine says her real joy is taking a song and making it her own.
On this CD, Janine worked with local songwriter Steven M. Digman, Chris Biondo (producer, bassist and former member of the Eva Cassidy Band), and Steve Steckler (producer of works for MTV, National Geographic, and Discovery) as well as other musicians and members of her family including Anna Davy (Janine's daughter), Rich Davy (her husband), and her brother Erich Seehafer.
"Looking for You" puts you in a relaxed state and cheerful frame of mind--her voice is beautiful and soothing. My nine-year-old, an up and coming sax player, told me that he really liked the CD and asked if he could take the CD to his room and listen to it again. I was impressed. It takes a lot usually to grab his attention.
The music is terrific! The songwriting is inspirational.
"Looking for You" is distributed by Goldenrod Music and is available online at iTunes, CDbaby and Amazon. Visit Janine's website at for more information.

Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese,