Wisdom from a Furry Friend: Marshall the German Shepherd mix

Wisdom from a Furry Friend
Marshall the German Shepherd mix

Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start. To this point mine has been interesting to say the least. Around the end of April Hagerstown City Police found me wandering the streets and were so kind to call the Humane Society of Washington County in Hagerstown to make sure I had a place to stay. I was a little scared to say the least at the thought of going to a "shelter", but I have had a great time. They tried to find my owner--but no luck. They listed me as a German Shepherd mix even though I only weight about 45 lbs and they named me Marshall.
They gave me all my vaccinations, wormed me and looked in my ears, nose and mouth. Healthy was the conclusion--like I didn't already know that. I'm glad that I'm inside most of the time and don't have to worry about fleas and ticks. This year they are really bad. I'm so glad that my other canine friends can get flea and tick control so they don't get Lyme disease. Without treatment, Lyme disease causes problems in many parts of our body, including the heart, kidneys, and joints. On rare occasions, it can lead to neurological disorders.
I made it through the behavioral assessment with almost flying colors. Because I am a little scared of sudden movements and loud noises they are recommending a home with children above 12 years of age. I already know how to sit when asked and boy do I like to have my butt scratched.
But I am worried about the upcoming holiday on July 4th. I know people like to celebrate their freedom and independence by blowing up devices that make loud noises. All the loud noises in my life, door slamming, yelling, etc. always meant someone was mad and upset and scared me because I didn't know what I had done wrong. So fireworks scare me and I know lots of my canine friends.
I am hopeful that my new home will know how to make me more comfortable and less anxious during the banging and explosions. They need to remember to keep me inside so I don't panic and escape the yard and run wildly through the streets trying to escape the noise. Staying at home with me would help me feel more secure. They will be able to tell when I am getting stressed as I start to pant, walk the floor, run to them at every sound and may even try to escape to stop the noise. Maybe since the shelter staff has already noted that I am scared they will start desensitizing me to loud noises before the 4th. There is probably not enough time for this year so maybe they will talk to a local animal behaviorist or their veterinarian about what to do in the meantime.
Either way, a new home for the 4th would be a great way to celebrate my freedom.

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