Southern Style Charlotte’s Home Provides Assisted Living

by Jennie Fleagle

Twenty years ago Charlotte Cassini began a new chapter in her life by opening Charlotte’s Home, an assisted living facility for the elderly with locations in both Boonsboro and Maugansville. When the home opened its doors in 1983, it had only one resident. Today that number has grown to 32 seniors between the two facilities.

Cassini founded the home as a way to earn a living and support her family. She became interested in helping the elderly after receiving some early inspiration from several family members. “The idea came from the fact that my mother had a lady years ago,” she says, and also that her aunt runs a nursing home in Mount Airy.

After deciding to open the home, Cassini reveals that she contacted a realtor, explained to him what she had in mind, and was told that he knew “just the place.” She was shown the house in Boonsboro and chose to open Charlotte’s Home there. The Maugansville home was opened a few years later because Cassini was excited about the prospect of expanding and adding new facilities.

Charlotte’s Home has a strong emphasis on southern style living. This theme stems from fact that several of Cassini’s relatives, including her parents, are from Tennessee. The southern style idea was “in honor of my dad,” says Cassini.

The residents who live at Charlotte’s Home are a close-knit group. Most bedrooms occupy two people, and no one eats their meals alone. “When eating together, it’s more of a family-style atmosphere,” explains Cassini who stresses that the residents are truly the most important part of Charlotte’s Home.

The homes have an activity area, garden area, cable television, laundry and housekeeping, and are handicap accessible. In addition, they each have a social room that is appropriate for family gatherings of visiting relatives. The outdoors is appreciated at both locations as well thanks to the beautiful surrounding scenery. The home in Boonsboro sits on a lot comprised of 2.2 acres.

The buildings that make up Charlotte’s Home are beautiful structures with their own unique features and senses of history. Both homes have eight bedrooms and each has a fully equipped chairlift to accommodate the needs of residents. The home at the Boonsboro location is approximately 125 years old and was previously known as the Bentz Farm.

The Boonsboro location has five employees with Cassini serving as manager, while the home in Maugansville also has five employees with two managers. Shirley Robinson, a caregiver at the home in Boonsboro enjoys working with and caring for the residents. “I like working around them. I’m a people person,” she says. Robinson adds that the environment at Charlotte’s Home is special. “It’s like a private home and like a big family.”

Cassini says that hopefully there will be an open house this summer in honor of the 20th anniversary of the facility. She feels that she has been truly blessed during the two decades that Charlotte’s Home has been providing a valuable service to the community.

Charlotte’s Home is a Licensed Level III and Medicaid Waiver Facility. This means that they can accept seniors of a more frail nature and that funding will be provided for residents in need. Openings in the facility are now being offered to the public. “Right now I have two beds available,” says Cassini. For further information on Charlotte’s Home, call 301-432-2415 or visit