Fish News: Fishing is in full force

Fish News
Fishing is in full force

Wow, everything is happening now! Spadefish action is in full force. Most anglers are targeting the Chesapeake Light Tower but the largest spadefish are being caught in the bay. Club member, Darren Foster weighed one in at 11 pounds 8 ounces while fishing the Cell with Jorj Head. Cobia has arrived with, I believe, the first confirmed catch made on the Healthy Grin this past weekend. More are sure to follow as the chum starts to flow. I spoke with David Forman, son of legendary cobia fisherman, Don Forman, and he intends to target them this week.
Red drum fishing is on fire with the best location being the seaside of Fishermen's and Smith Islands. Some speckled trout continue to be caught in the Mobjack Bay area and on Poquoson Flats. Nice striped bass are being caught on live bait over the tubes of the CBBT. Over the past few weeks, the offshore action off of North Carolina and Maryland has been fantastic. Finally, Virginia is getting her share. The Norfolk Canyon area is loaded with bluefin and yellowfin tuna of mixed sizes: pups on up to bluefin over 100 pounds and yellowfin over 70 pounds.
May 29, Steve Williams fished the 36A area. They kept 9 flounder from 16.75 to 23 inches long.
May 29, Jorj Head and Darren Foster fished the Cell. The spadefish were finicky but they were able to get them to bite. Darren weighed in the Bubba of the day at 11 pounds 8 ounces.
May 29, Tim Hatok and Alan Meetze fished off of Buckroe and managed three keeper flounder.
May 28, Tricia and I took Bob and Jenny Manus out for a little drum action. A little action is all that they got. They got a double hook-up of two little blacks. After that, it was just skates.
May 28, Phillip and Keith Neill fished at Buoy 13. They caught 6 black drum up to 46 inches long.
May 27, Mac and Jason McCormick jigged up some gray trout at the CBBT. They brought some 18-inch trout home. They fed some 12-inch trout to striped bass over the 4th island tube. They kept three 31-inch stripers. They then went to the Hump and tried for flounder. There, they did not catch a thing.

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