Tech @ It's Best: Apple's lackluster iPod accessories

Tech @ It's Best
Apple's lackluster iPod accessories
by Jasmine France

OK, so maybe I should revise that heading to "Apple's unimpressive iPod cases." After all, the Apple iPod Hi-Fi isn't bad. It offers great sound quality and a beautiful design--well, aside from the incongruity of the iPod jutting out of the top. But it's also expensive, and there were better iPod-ready speaker systems already on the market by the time it arrived, which made it an uninspiring announcement. More disappointing are Apple's various cases for the iPod. The Nano Armband is stylish but doesn't secure the player properly for workouts; the Nano Tubes lack a highly necessary screen protector; and the Leather Case is expensive and doesn't allow for immediate access to the controls. There is one Apple accessory, however, that's just fabulous, and that's the Apple Radio Remote. It's a necessity for any iPod owner who craves FM radio. Unfortunately, older iPod owners are out of luck--the Radio Remote is compatible only with the video iPod and the iPod Nano.
Product name: Apple iPod Hi-Fi
Editor's Rating: 7.3 Very good