Gift Ideas for Your One-of-a-Kind Mom!

Gift Ideas for Your One-of-a-Kind Mom!
by Jennifer LB Leese

Whether your mom is a bird watcher, gardener, loves taking early evening walks, is a tried-and-true off-roader, or has a chronic condition that makes purchases a more sensitive subject, there is a seemingly endless array of gift options to express thanks and love to dear ol' mom this Mother's Day.
The custom of honoring mothers goes back to 17th-century England where they celebrate "Mothering Sunday". Mother's Day in the United States, however, originated in 1872 with Julia Ward Howe, a writer, abolitionist, and suffragist, who wrote the words to "Battle Hymn of the Republic." President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother's Day a national holiday in 1911.
All in all...there's no one like your mom! She not only carried you for nine months she also became your nurse, playmate, chef, chauffeur and, hopefully, one of your heroes. She's always there for you...always giving...never asking for much in return. Now it's your turn to show her how much you appreciate her. It doesn't matter, necessarily, what the gift long as it is from the heart. Here are a few ideas to get your gift-giving gears rolling...
Homemade Gifts
* Bring a smile to your mom's face everyday with a jar full of inspirational/caring sayings. First, find a decorative jar, wide enough so your mom can stick her hand through it and wrap the neck with a ribbon in her favorite color. Then purchase stock paper, again in her favorite color, and cut into equal-sized strips. Write 365 sayings such as: "Mom, You're The Best"; "A mom holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever", "A mother is someone with whom you may not see eye to eye, but is someone who will always walk with you arm in arm," "If I could choose from all the mothers in the world, Mom, I'd choose you," and "If love were a color, you would be my rainbow, Mom!"
* What about a beautiful bouquet that will never wither? Purchase a simple white plate and hand-paint your mom a bouquet of flowers in bright springy colors. She can proudly display it in her dining room or kitchen.
* Breakfast in bed is always a popular gift for younger children and teens. Mother's Day is one day a year that your mom should definitely be allowed to sleep in! Wake her with her favorite foods and juices. Don't forget to add a cheerful yellow daisy for decoration.
* Whether your mom will admit it or not...she needs your help around the house. Make her a homemade coupon book where you divide the chores with her for a week...two weeks...or even a month. Offer to do the dishes, set the table, baby-sit, or do a few loads of laundry. She'll appreciate the help and you'll appreciate having more time left to spend with her.
* Why not make her personalized stationery, a calendar or greeting cards with your computer? These are gifts she can use throughout the year--thinking of you each time she pulls them out of the drawer to use them.
Not everyone has the time or patience to make a homemade gift for their mom this Mother's Day. Here are a few in-store gifts she may appreciate...
Gifts to Purchase
* Jewelry always makes a nice gift any time of the year...but if your mom is anything like me, she'd prefer a handmade bracelet or necklace from her prides of joy. But if you'd rather purchase jewelry, or she'd like purchased jewelry instead, find something that is in her taste and that defines who she is--a mother's ring would work perfectly!
* Gift baskets delivered straight to her door would surely make her feel special. There are several gift basket companies throughout the Washington County area that offer unique gift baskets for your one-of-a-kind mom! If she's a gardener, get her a basket full of gardening supplies and how-to books. If she likes movies, get her a gift basket with tickets, popcorn, and her favorite movie. The possibilities are endless.
* A Day at the Spa- What mom wouldn't like to spend the day at a spa being pampered by caring attendants? This is the sort of gift that is great any time of year and it doesn't matter if you live in the same town or across country as your mother. Research for these spas can be done on the Internet 24/7 with purchases being done online or over the phone. Spas offer great packages such as a facial, milk bath, pedicure, manicure, and full-body massages for just about every budget.
* Send her into Orbit with a Star of her Own- For many years now people have been naming stars after people they admire. Your mom should be one of those people. Naming a star after someone who means so much to you is a loving gesture that your mom will cherish. This keepsake will last for generations. Purchase a star necklace or bracelet to accompany the star's certificate.
* Dinner for Two- Yes, often times good things that come to us are free. And who doesn't enjoy "free"? Purchase your mom gift certificates for dinner to her favorite restaurant. Most restaurants offer gift certificates and dinner packages that are sure to suit any mom.
* Theater or Concert Tickets- Not everyone enjoys attending concerts or theater productions. Even if your mom has never attended a concert or play, don't disregard this fabulous gift--she may have always wanted to go, but never took the time to look into actually purchasing the tickets.
* Flowers are always a good choice--especially when it comes to last minute gifts. Let's face it...we all get busy. Truly, there really shouldn't be an excuse for forgetting your mom on Mother's Day--it only occurs the same time every single year! But it happens. Call a local florist and tell them what your mom's favorite flowers are--they will assemble a one-of-a-kind display that will fill your mother's heart with love and joy. If you don't know, or your mom doesn't really have a favorite flower, have the florist assemble a bouquet popping with spring colors.
* Does your mother wear perfume or body spray? Her favorite scent placed in a decorative bag tied with raffia and a sentimental card would surely please even the hard-to-buy-for moms.
* If your mom lives long distance from you, how about purchasing her a few pre-paid phone cards? The thought will either strike her as you want to save her money, or you want to hear more from her--either way it would be a gift that oozes with thoughtfulness.
* Your mom doesn't like to clean anymore than you do...find a local maid service company and hire a cleaning lady for a couple of hours for her with a note that says: "Spend these hours of bliss doing something only for you!"
* If your mom is a reader...purchase her a hardback novel by her favorite author along with a matching bookmark and possibly autographed photograph.
The gift ideas are endless! Whether you'd like to spend the afternoon with your mom at a local bed and breakfast sharing childhood memories over tea and scones or sending her a package of goodies postal mail--be sure to acknowledge your mother this Mother's Day! Let her know that you appreciate her bringing you into this world.
We can't choose our mothers--but it if wasn't for them--you wouldn't be here!