Washington County Young Authors Contest: State Poetry Winners'

Washington County Young Authors Contest
State Poetry Winners'

Grade 6 Poetry Winner: Kate Sweeney from Northern Middle
Teacher-Mrs. Mitchell

"My Hero"
As you walk,
your footsteps echo.
As you talk,
your voice is heard.
You turn darkness to light,
Ice to flowing water.
I learn from you,
teachings you never knew you taught.
A split second in time,
can change the world,
or inspire one person
Either way,
An imprint is made.
Love is no deeper than hate.
Your heart holds only one.
Both make you do crazy things,
but only one makes you happy.
You are my hero.

Grade 8 Poetry Winner: Elizabeth Kramer from Northern Middle
Teacher-Ms. Ward

"Your Bridge"
The bridge is burning
you, still on it
centered, unmoving, yearning
For all the paths you didn't take
both sides, impossible possibilities
could have been, for you, opaque.
Don't burn bridges, uncrossed
Didn't anybody tell you?
Life's a game and now you've lost.
Cry freely inky tears
Give up dreams and wishes
Are these not your fears?
Or face the flames, heroic haze
march to destruction
an incandescent blaze
Or rebuild it, start with dust
an eternity
to piece together shattered trust.

A banquet to honor all contest winners will be held on Friday, May 12, 2006 at the Four Points/Sheraton in Hagerstown. For all contest winners, see "For Kids by Kids" in the upcoming issues of Picket News.