Board of County Commissioners Actions: April 11, 2006

Board of County Commissioners Actions
April 11, 2006

The Board of County Commissioners held budget workshops on Monday, April 10 and Tuesday April 11.
Budget and Finance Director Murray and Deputy Director Edlund brought a second look at projected operating expenses before the Board, continuing with the Non-profit Organization category.
The Tri-County Council of Western Maryland will receive an increase of $2,500, or 14.29%. The organization assists in obtaining state and federal grant funds for the County. $1,300 was recommended as an increase to the Historical Society budget, for repairs to the Miller House in Downtown Hagerstown. The Humane Society request of $1,174,039 was accepted--an increase of 12.03% or $126,051. Children's Village requested an increase of $13,500 to pay instructors. Staff requested the increase to the budget be capped at $5,000. CASA requested an increase of $72,622 for wage and salary adjustments. The Board requested the increase be approved at $50,000. Community Action Council's requested increase of $14,442 or 8.44% for health insurance costs was approved. The Commission on Aging requested an $87,110 increase due to the difference in lease costs between the Alexander House and its new location in the Aspire to Serve Building. The Commissioners approved an increase of $59,000 to that budget. Senior Living Alternatives, or Holly Place, Inc. requested $128,300. Staff recommended an increase of $1,120 or 5%. The Museum of Fine Arts had requested an increase of $78,590 to fund several projects. The Commissioners approved an increase of $6,840 or 5% to that organization's operating budget, with consideration of a one-time donation of funds from the FY 2006 Commissioners' Contingency budget to support one of the programs. No amount was discussed. The Arts Council, Memorial Recreation Center and the Maryland Symphony all received increases of 5%.