Dinner Diva: Negative Nutrition

Dinner Diva
Negative Nutrition

Now more than ever, nutritional nightmares abound on grocery store shelves. Products that are manipulated to hook us into food addictions take us hostage daily. It simply does not have to be like that. I tell you what, you implement these simple rules, and you will no longer be victimized by the food industry again: read the food labels of each and every product you buy.
SKIP anything with an additive you can't pronounce or don't know what it is. Think about it this way-why on earth would you ingest something when you don't know what you're eating? Why would you let your kids do the same? Because it's packaged with a popular cartoon figure or you had a coupon?
There are issues, too with food dyes. Did you know that Red No. 3 (a dye allowed in foods) is also used as a pesticide for spraying on manure piles to kill maggots? (Source: EPA) Think about it: why would you want your child drinking an electrolyte replacement drink that looks like toilet cleaner or antifreeze? Do you REALLY want that kind of chemical clutter in your food? These additives, fake colorings and flavorings are the food industry's weapons of mass destruction-true chemical warfare. Say NO to this "food" because it is not food!
Keep it simple: eat real food, skip the icky mixes that you constitute with water, the partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils, and all that garbage. You know what food looks like. You'll find it in the produce section, the meat counter, and some bags of fairly inexpensive dried beans, whole grains and breads on your grocer's shelves. Read the labels and begin to strap on a whole new mindset of awareness, getting rid of the junk. The results will astound you. With better nutrition and real food, you may see your children's behavior improve, your own moods even out and your grocery bill decrease-junk food is expensive and real food is not.
We need to be reminded that as we eat meals together, we are feeding souls-not filling holes. Your children's tummies can't be filled like a nail hole in the plaster. They need honest nutrition that will help them grow, learn and become all that God intends them to be. They can't do that trying to run on junk.
Think about your car. You'd NEVER intentionally put less than decent fuel in your car or you might damage the engine. Why would you give anything nutritionally, other than the best to yourself or your family? You can always replace a vehicle, but those faces across the dinner table are irreplaceable. Think twice before allowing the negative nutrition food into your house.

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