The Layout Song

- apologies to David Seville and The Chipmunks

Boss: All right you guys, ready to sing your song?

Tator: Iíll say we are.

Ken: Yeah, letís sing it now.

Boss: Okay, Tator?

Tator: Okay.

Boss: Okay, Ken?

Ken: Okay.

Boss: Okay, Eddie? Eddie?... EDDIE!!!

Eddie: OKAY!

Layout, layout time is near
Time for dread
And time for fear

Copyís late, and Iím aghast
Hurry, Beulah, hurry fast

Want a Sanders donut, Ken?
Nicki needs to smoke again!

We can hardly stand the wait
Please Tonyís, donít be late!

Boss: Ok, fellas. Get ready. That was very good, Tator.

Tator: Naturally.

Boss: Very good, Ken.

Ken: {Chipmunk giggle}

Boss: Uh, Eddie, you were a little flat that time. Watch it. Whereís my cell phone? Beulah? Beulah?... BEULAH!!!

Want our own lunch table back
But thatís where all the mail is stacked.

We can hardly stand the wait.
Please Big John, lock the gate!

We can hardly stand the wait.
Please Friday, donít be late!

Boss: That was very good you guys.

Eddie: Letís sing it again!

Tator: Yeah, letís sing it again.

Boss: No. Thatís enough. Letís not overdo it.

Ken: What do you mean overdo it?

Tator: I wanna sing it again.

Ken: Why canít we sing it again?

Boss: Boys... Boys!