Music Reflections Bif Naked

by Digman

Her Royal Majesty’s Records (Atlantic Recording Corporation)

Playing in the theory of musical calculations, Beth Hopkins (d.m.a.) Bif Naked is the arithmetic equation of the three laws of musical motion: singing, writing and musicianship.

A gun-singer with rhythmic hip action and voice activated perfect aim; PURGE is the vocal abreaction of a dissident alternative angel singing within a ‘twelve-caliber’ auto (vocal) reload system of musical aggression!

Beginning with her first attack (track) “Choking On The Truth”, Hopkins pulls the musical trigger releasing a tongue filled with the blasting gelatin of voice-barrel emotional steel tension that is well supported by chord progressions - and the pounding detonations - of TNT: percussion.

“Tango Shoes” (second-track) is a mixture of potassium lyrical nitrate and vocal ‘soulfuric’ acid. It is musically cordite with a good rhythmic fuse. “Stolen Sidewalk” (the fifth-track) definitely steals the show. It is her best song and enters the heart gently. It is word absorbent and singing(ly) rich with excellent (vocal and keyboard) refinement skills.

Listen also to “Hold On” (tenth-track), a good ballad that is worth mentioning, as well as worth listening to.

Produced and mixed by Peter Karroll, PURGE is the musical dissertation into the repertoire of independently good writers and independently good musicians. It is vocally Beth Hopkins doing music as (d.m.a.): BIF NAKED.

Steven Digman is the owner of Digman’s Violin and Publishing Company in Funkstown, MD.