It's Only Ink! One Extremely Talented Dog

It's Only Ink!
One Extremely Talented Dog

"Wuffy the Wonder Dog" is a prime book for children. Wuffy's curiosity can often lead him in the wrong direction. He's charming, funny, adorable, and, just as all of us, has his faults.
"Wuffy the Wonder Dog" is 80 pages long with 16 short stories featuring the lovable little pup.
Not only is Wuffy cute and cuddly, he is also extremely talented. In each chapter, Wuffy and Elizabeth (his sometimes-best friend--even though she's a cat), get into all kinds of mischievous adventures. Wuffy tries his hardest to impress his feline buddy, whether he's a doctor curing a little girl, or portraying a wolf in a play, Wuffy is kind-hearted and means well--even though the outcome often doesn't go the way he planned.
"Wuffy the Wonder Dog" is a fantastic story book for children of all ages. Children will love reading/hearing of his playful misadventures. Parents will appreciate the lessons of self-love, loyalty, friendship, and family.

Wuffy the Wonder Dog by Margaret Morgan
Published by: WingSpan Press
Released: January 2006
ISBN: 1595940340
Price: $9.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

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