2006 Spring Tourism Editorial--It's Spring

"It's Spring!"
by Jennifer LB Leese

Well, here we are--it's spring! And there are signs of it everywhere! There are buds on trees and little green sprouts of grass. Soon there will be daffodils, and longer and warmer days.

Spring weather wakes us from our winter dormancy and causes us to get out and have some fun. While the trees are bare, we can see the beautiful blooming dogwood trees and wildflowers stretching across open fields. The brisk wind draws us to the park for kite-flying. The warm sun welcomes us into the garden and workshop for outdoor projects.

During spring we feel more energetic. We catch a glimpse of the fun before us and we just can't wait to get started.

However you decide to spend your spring, here's a few ideas that my family and I enjoy...

Ideas for Spring Family Fun
* Take a nature walk in the park or woods. Collect leaves, rocks, and flowers to decorate your family dining room table.
* Now is a great time to start thinking about gardening with your child. It's fun. It's therapeutic. It's a great learning experience. In addition, it will be one of those family memories that you and your child or grandchild will always hold dear.
* Get Outside- Have an outside work day to get the yard in shape while discussing late spring / early summer renovations.
* Visit the Antietam Battlefield. Take your time. Read the markers and see the sights.
* Spend one full day buzzing from yard sale to yard sale or flea market to flea market, picking up new treasures.
* Spring festivals are popular destinations for families. Listen to live music, eat boardwalk-style food, meet new people, and check out the booths from local artisans.
* Take a hike and set up camp. The kids will love it. Build a campfire and make fairy houses. An evening outdoors with your family will do you all good.
* Horseback riding is tons of fun. If that isn't your cup of tea, then helping take care of horses at the Ranger Foundation in Keedysville is sure to be relaxing as well as rewarding.
* Take an adventure walk through grottoes and caves, set for commercial use.
* Go fishing- Catch a big one for dinner or throw them all back. Either way it's fun times for families and couples.
* Go bird watching, rock climbing, or just walk the dog.
* Go to your absolute favorite spot and have a picnic. Pick fresh wildflowers to bring home to remind you of your memorable day.

There's tons to do on a beautiful spring day.

Yours in Ink,

Jennifer Leese, Managing Editor