Contract Award...Design of Cell #4 at 40-West Landfill

Contract Award
...Design of Cell #4 at 40-West Landfill

Luther and Deputy Chief Engineer Rob Slocum brought this request, to award the contract for the services to firm, URS Corporation, of Cleveland, Ohio, with the lowest total lump sum fee of $130,500.00. The purpose of the contract is to retain the services of an engineering firm to coordinate, design and prepare construction plans for Cell 4 at the Forty-West Landfill.
Cell 4 has an approximate footprint of 14.17 acres. Slocum told the Board that the cell would be similar in design to Cells 2 and 3, and design work included in the contract would assist in planning future cells, aid in control of landfill gasses, analyze leacheate and remaining earthwork balances.
The tentative schedule for these activities begins in late February, to the contract completion, scheduled for December 2007. The measure was approved by unanimous vote.