The Phoenix Files: My Human Companion

The Phoenix Files
My Human Companion

My human companion is of course my best friend. She talks to me a lot. She talks to me and I've noticed she's talking to herself a lot more. I guess it comes with age. I've noticed that these monologues occur most when she stands in front of the bedroom mirror. She doesn't seem too pleased. She moans and groans about extra pounds. A disappearing waistline and something she calls 'saddlebags.' And then I hear comments about Eric Heiden thighs. But that's not all. She often leans into the mirror, almost touching it with her nose, at which point she begins another ritual, which consists of a very, very close examination of her hair--almost strand by individual strand. This action is accompanied by some gentle pulling and tugging, punctuated ever so often with an occasional "ouch." I just don't get it. I think she's beautiful. I love her unconditionally and she me.
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at her behavior. She pays super close attention to me too. As you can see by my picture, I have a few gray hairs of my own. I have a bit of arthritis for which she feeds me special food--food with glucosamine to help make my joints function and feel better. For dogs my age, it's recommended that we (referred to as "geriatric" dogs in some circles) see a vet at least twice a year. I do that...and then some! My human companion goes over me with a fine tooth comb and I don't mean during our regular grooming sessions. Although I do get more of those now that I'm a little older too--doctor's orders. But I tell you, I rather enjoy it. Age does have its privilege!
As an older dog, I've started to develop a few little lumps and bumps here and there. But my best friend found them (of course!), they've been vet-checked (of course) and I'm pleased to announce that they are none too serious. Just one of those things. My ears need a little more attention and she keeps a close eye on my bowel movements as well. How embarrassing! Digestion slows as we canines get older but eating a diet with more fiber can help in that department. And it does.
I guess my human companion and me are about the same age...they say that for every year a human ages, a dog ages the equivalent of 4 or 5 years. So, we're both about 45. I'm not as 'buff' as I once was but she still loves me. When I lived in Baltimore and would parade about Patterson Park, I know I was the envy of the other alpha males because all the little she-dogs kept their eyes on me. Granted I'm still an incredibly handsome devil but not as 'cut' as I once was. But that's OK. We're walking more, jogging more and we'll stay fit together. I love her and she loves me--unconditionally. That's what best friends are for.

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