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Turning Female Bloodworms Inside-Out
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We have many expert anglers in our fishing club. In addition to being top-notch anglers, they are a friendly group and they are always willing to share their knowledge with other anglers. This is why our club is such a good place to become a better angler. I grew up fishing our local waters and thought I knew a lot. After joining the club and meeting all of these great anglers, I realized how much more there was to learn. One of our expert anglers has offered the following fishing tip. Now, be warned, this is an advanced technique. You probably should not try this without years of angling experience. I, myself, do not feel ready to try this technique but for those of you that are further along in your angling education here is a very advanced technique pioneered by our own Dave Boyce. Now there is no question that Dave Boyce is a master angler but if you feel you are ready to try his technique, here it is:
Method for Turning Female Bloodworms Inside-Out for Fall Spot Fishing
1. Purchase only female bloodworms-higher blood content.
2. Place bloodworms on a bed of used coffee grounds for approx. 40 to 50 minutes. (Decaf seems to work the best)
3. Worms placed on coffee grounds has the desired effect of relaxing the worms and reducing their 'wiggle'.
4. Insert Q-TIP into the larger diameter end of the worm and proceed to thread Q-TIP in a horizontal motion towards the smaller end until it protrudes about one-quarter inch out of the smaller end.
5. Grab the protruding end of Q-TIP and pull out. PRESTO-an inside-out bloodworm. NOTE: The black Q-TIPS seem to work the best.
6. The Inside-Out bloodworm tends to last longer on the hook as the inside membrane is tougher.
7. These baits will catch both Male and Female spot.
8. Be prepared for a certain amount of sarcastic comments when doing this technique among your fishing buddies.
We have chartered the Miss Hatteras for an all day, offshore, bottom fishing trip. It will be a trip for Peninsula Salt Water Sport Fisherman's Association members and their friends. We will be fishing on April 29. Cost is $90 per angler. This would qualify as a special event, which would put Matt Rinck in charge of it. Matt is very busy with our banquet so I have drafted my wife, Tricia to be in charge of collecting the money and keeping track of who is going. There is room for 40 anglers. Tricia and I are going and we already have our money in so that leaves room for 38 more. Get Tricia your money to reserve your spot.
If you have not paid your dues for 2006, what are you waiting for?
Our next regular club meeting will be held on March 21. It has become a tradition to have Claude Bain as our first speaker of the year. 2006 will be no different. Come and hear what Claude has in store for us this year.

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