Ask About Antiques Roseville Pottery IV The Roseville Pottery Collector

by Budd A. Moore, Ed.D.

If it were possible to publish a picture of every pattern and every line that Roseville Pottery produced in its 60 + years of operation, it would fill many volumes. There were literally hundreds of experimental pieces that never made it to production. I remember seeing a very wonderful experimental vase that was of a proposed Geranium line. Some lines were offered for such a very short time that no one remembers them.

Researchers who have taken to cataloging the history of the pottery have found as many dead ends as pathways to information. The true history of this great collectable is in the lines and the pieces. The following is a representative sample of the eras and the lines of Roseville Pottery that a collector might find in a local flea market or auction and a relative value chart that will serve as a guide for starting a collection of this lovely and valuable pottery.


Cherry Blossom/4/M
Donatello/3-9/M - EH
Imperial II/5/MH
Juvenile I and II/4/M
Morning Glory/6/MH
Pine Cone/2/M
Rozane/6-9/MH - VH
Velmoss Scroll/6/M
White Rose/1/L
Zephyr Lily/1/L

Nationwide Rarity Index [NRI]

1 - 250 pieces in 10,000
2 - 150 pieces in 10,000
3 - 50 pieces in 10,000
4 - 25 pieces in 10,000
5 - 15 pieces in 10,000
6 - 7 pieces in 10,000
7 - 5 pieces in 10,000
8 - 3 pieces in 10,000
9 - 1 pieces in 10,000
10 - 1 piece in 10,000

Estimated Market Price [EMP]

L - Low $0 - $300.00
M - Moderate $301.00 - $500.00
MH - Moderately High $501.00 - $700.00
H - High $701.00 - $900.00
VH - Very High
$901.00 - $2000.00
EH - Extremely High $2001.00+

Roseville Pottery, Inc. has drifted into oblivion, but the pieces and lines of the company haven’t. George Young’s vision and “full steam ahead” advertising and production policies worked too well for it to be forgotten. In the sixty years of its production, Roseville came to be known as a symbol of quality and beauty in the homes of America. Even as the pottery closed, a new era dawned... the era of the Roseville collector. It is an era where prices have skyrocketed, reproductions have been imported to fool the unwary, and the pottery is appreciated for the work of art that it really was. Despite the fact that the most prolific production lines were “decorated” rather than individually painted, just owning a piece of this slice of American art history gives the collector a great deal of personal satisfaction. Happy collecting to each of you!

If you would like a free copy of the complete list of lines and an evaluation grid for Roseville Pottery send a stamped self-addressed envelope to: Dr. Budd A. Moore, 8864 Lorford Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17201-9335.

Auction Action: [Recently sold at Matt Hurley’s Legacy Auction Center, 2800 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle, Pa. 17225]
* Early Farm Table, $1000
* Cowden & Wilcox Crock, $500
* Brass Bed, $400
* Shippensburg Coverlet, $270
* Climbing Monkey Tin Toy, $190
* Flow Blue White House Plate, $85.

Moore, Ed.D., is a specialist in the valuation of antique and collectable objects of the last 100 years. He is an educator, counselor, and avid antique enthusiast as well as a candidate member of the American Society of Appraisers. He has been a collector of antique American Art Pottery and has been a dealer for over 20 years. He is familiar with nearly all lines of American Art Pottery, twentieth century glassware, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau categories. If you have a question about antiques or collectibles, you can e-mail him at or drop him a letter at 8864 Lorford Drive, Chambersburg, PA 17201-9335. An answer to your question may appear in a subsequent column.