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Childhood Fear

"Hate That Thunder" by William J. Adams is the first in a planned series of books about twins Mandy and Andy.
Featuring Mandy, "Hate That Thunder" describes one little girl's fear of thunder as she lay in bed. The terrible rumble makes her hold her breath, but the loud boom above scares her to death. Some say it is Mother Nature's sound; others say it is the signal of rain. Should Mandy be afraid of something she can't see? Does she beat her fear?
Author, William J. Adams, feels that Mandy has many friends who also hate the sound of thunder, therefore understanding her fear.
With the message of coping with your fears and seeing the beauty in something you first felt sinister, "Hate That Thunder" is an adorable full-color illustrated picture book for younger children.
Children are sure to love the cartoon characters in this 24-page easy-to-read book.
Written in rhyme, Adams' charming children's book is a must for little ones. This reviewer and her children look forward to reading more about Mandy and Andy.

Hate That Thunder by William J. Adams
Published by: Mandy and Andy Books,
Release: October 2005
ISBN: 0-977-2757-0-1
Price: See website.

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