It's Only Ink! Lionel's Train

It's Only Ink!
Lionel's Train

Recommended for ages 3-9, "Santa's Christmas Train", tells the story of Santa and how Lionel's Christmas train came to be.
Lionel the elf misunderstood Santa's instruction. He thought Santa wanted him to build a 100-foot train--so he built one. But Santa wanted him to build 100, foot-long trains!
Lionel didn't know what to do. He didn't like disappointing Santa. And it was too late to do fix the problem; it was Christmas Eve. But because of the weather, Santa wasn't going anywhere soon. That's when Lionel had an idea!
Readers will soon find out why Lionel's Christmas train ends up becoming a favorite toy for children around the world and how this one little elf ends up saving Christmas!
Author Joseph Caro, feels that "Santa's Christmas Train" answers the question of why families have continued the tradition of placing a train under the tree. Caro wrote this book hoping that it will teach children to not feel discouraged when things go wrong and to keep trying--it will lead to success!
This reviewer feels Caro has accomplished his hopes and highly recommends his delightful book for any age. "Santa's Christmas Train" would make a wonderful book to read to your children on the night before Christmas.

Santa's Christmas Train by Joseph Caro
Published by CCN Publications
Release: 2005
ISBN: 0-9628078-2-6
Price: $9.95

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