City of Hagerstown Advisory: South End Neighborhoods

City of Hagerstown Advisory
South End Neighborhoods

The City of Hagerstown's South End Neighborhoods 1st group is celebrating its First Anniversary and the start of its first major project including the planting of 30 street trees on Maryland Avenue and subsequent relocation of sidewalks.
South End Neighborhoods 1st initially approached the City of Hagerstown to reduce speeding on Maryland Avenue. The Engineering Department designed the idea of planting street trees, at stated Hagerstown's Engineering Designer Tim Young. Planting street trees gives individuals a feeling of being in a residential area. Once we designed where the trees would be, we took it to the neighborhood, and they embraced the idea. Not everyone wanted a tree but residents that did were allowed to have one and to select the type of tree.
The Neighborhoods 1st program's tagline- " live in a better neighborhood without moving," could not be demonstrated more clearly than through this street enhancement project, at stated Hagerstown's Community Development Coordinator Shelli Dronsfield.
South End Neighborhoods 1st has been able to organize and meet their first major goal all in one year due to the vision and commitment of its members.
The cost of the project is $31,600 and is funded by the City of Hagerstown's Community Development Budget. The project will begin next week and will be completed in approximately a month and a half.
"When South End Neighborhoods 1st was initially formed, almost one year ago, the idea of street trees was presented as a way to soften the streetscape, add visual appeal, and help deter speeding. In all honesty, I thought this would be a long-term goal for this newly-formed group. Not so. With the guidance, support and direction of city staff, we have been able to implement our idea far sooner than we thought possible," stated Emily McFarland, Chairwoman of South End Neighborhoods 1st.
According to the Treasurer/Secretary of the Neighborhoods 1st group Terri Hansberger, "I can not begin to say how pleased I have been with all of the progress our group has made in the past year. I never would have guessed we would have accomplished so much. It's all been a matter of teamwork! Our group owes the city employees a special thank you! Their cooperation, eagerness to accommodate our needs, and the support and assistance have been outstanding!"
"I appreciate what the South End Neighborhoods 1st group is doing to make our community a stronger place to live. As a little girl I remember big maple trees along Maryland Avenue , so it will be nice to see trees once again," stated Jean Gettel, a South End Neighborhoods 1st member.