Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives: A New Look With The Same Vision

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives
A New Look With The Same Vision
by William L. Bulla

New look, same vision! That's my reference to the new logo for Habitat. The new design shows three figures with arms upraised in celebration, sheltered and drawn together under a rooftop.
This may represent a family rejoicing in its new home. It may represent a group of volunteers, Habitat affiliates and partners who helped raise the roof. It may represent some donors of money, land or material raising their arms in joy for a home completed. And to those who remember Habitat for Humanity was established as an ecumenical Christian housing ministry, it may represent the Trinity, or the figure of Christ at the center of Habitat's outreach to God's people in need.
Yes, the logo is a new look, but Habitat for Humanity still has the same vision. The vision of addressing the most basic of human needs, a place to live and grow, by providing decent, affordable housing for low-income families.
Housing needs for the poor and low-income is a critical issue. In Washington County, more than 11,000 people live in poverty. That's about one in ten! Half of these are children. These families are earning wages that do not allow them to provide decent housing. Inadequate housing also impacts the physical and psychological development of children and the problems can be irreversible. Almost ninety-two percent of the households with children that face housing problems receive no housing assistance.
Habitat for Humanity's goal is to eliminate poverty housing. Without a decent place to live, people cannot be productive members of society; children cannot learn and families cannot thrive. Habitat can make that all possible! Habitat is teaching families how to manage their income. Families put in five hundred hours of "sweat equity" helping to build their own home and other Habitat homes.
Habitat homes are primarily funded by contributions of money and in-kind donations of materials, services and land. The homes are built with volunteer labor alongside the members of the family taking title to the home. Habitat sells the home to the family at no profit and offers a zero interest mortgage on the home. The money from the payments is used to build more homes.
The logo has a new look, but the organization still has the same vision! And that vision is being supported by those real life figures raising their arms toward the roof to celebrate what they are accomplishing in Washington County. They are the real life figures representing the gracious donors of materials, services, land and money to make these home possible. They are the real life families raising their arms in joy for the roof over their head in a home to call their own. They are real life people from all walks of life, and religious beliefs, raising their arms in thanks to God for Habitat's ability to provide these families with homes. Yes, the new logo reflects the old vision of Habitat's founders.
For more information on Habitat homes and how you can help, call Sherry Brown Cooper, Executive Director of Habitat for Washington County at 301-791-9009.