Fish News: It's Time to Fish in Virginia

Fish News
It's Time to Fish in Virginia

Wow, what a time to fish in Virginia! Striped bass are back in season and they are here in numbers. Most of these early season fish will be on the small size compared to the fish that we will have after Thanksgiving. Any of the crossings in the area are good spots to catch stripers this time of year. At night, anywhere there is light in the water is a good bet. Besides the bridges, any dock with a light is a good location to find stripers. Some of the larger early season fish will be caught by chunking the HRBT, MMBT, and the CBBT.
Wire-lining the tubes of the CBBT will also produce quality fish. The largest fish will fall to live bait near the 3rd and 4th island and the high rise of the CBBT. There are a lot of other species around to target. The speckled trout bite is on in Back River, on the Poquoson Flats and around Goodwin Island. Spot are everywhere. Most fish are running half pound to a pound. You will have to work a bit to find one to meet the new citation requirement of 1 lb. 2-oz. Your best bet right now is over the tubes of the HRBT and the MMBT. Expect to encounter some bubba croakers while fishing these locations.
Oct. 2, Mac McCormick, Steve Martin, and Dave Moss hit the shallows in their kayaks. The speckled trout cooperated nicely along with some flounder.
Oct. 1, was our club's spot tournament. A great time was had by all, both fishing and later at the cookout at Dare Marina. Many spot were weighed in and they then became part of the menu. The range of fish was from .52 pounds (mine) up to .99 pounds (of course, Charles'). John Schnautz ran a great tournament with a lot of help from Nelson and Dee Ortiz. All of the big fish were caught at either the HRBT or at the MMBT. The winners were Charles Southall-.99 lbs., Jeff Elmore-.94 pounds, and Stephen Powell-.93 pounds.
Oct. 1, I passed up on an overnighter at the canyon to fish in our club's spot tournament with Tricia and the kids. We did not join the top guns at the HRBT. We did not have lines in at 6AM either. We moseyed out to Twin Stakes at the crack of noon giving us just a few hours to fish. It was constant action the whole time and the kids had a blast catching croaker, grey trout, puffer fish, pinfish, pigfish, porgy, black drum, flounder, kingfish, and oh yes, spot. Lots of spot, two at a time. Problem is, they were all .5- .6-pounds. The kids did not care.
Oct. 1, Gary Donaldson took his grandson, Jeremy, and a couple of friends to the HRBT to target spot. They caught spot, plenty of spot. They had a monster on that turned into a striped bass when they got to the boat. The kids had a great time and I am sure grandpa will be making another trip out there soon.
Oct. 1, Brent Meadors went offshore to the Cigar. They caught dolphin, 5 yellowfin tuna and a couple of nice wahoo.

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