It's Only Ink! Lessons through the eyes of a child

It's Only Ink!
Lessons through the eyes of a child

"Tommy Books" are perfect for parents to teach their kids adult Christian concepts in situations using a language that's easy for them to understand.
The 10-volumer series (5 reviewed here) are authored by screenwriter/director/producer Mark Brown who is also the founder of the National Association for Orphans & Abandoned Children.
In the "Tommy Books", the main character Tommy speaks to children while using Christian morals, values, historical events, while incorporating the ever-important parent/child relationship.
These books, with brightly colored illustrations, by Peter Mekis-illustrator of Dora the Explorer, The Angry Beavers, and Charlottes Web II-come in durable hardcovers-sure to last a long time.
In volume 1, the author discusses having faith.
In volume 2, the author discusses feeling and giving love.
In volume 3, the author discusses being too busy.
In volume 4, the author discusses the importance of praise.
In volume 5, the author discusses historical kings and their importance .
If you're looking for a creative way to teach your children Christ's message, get your hands on the "Tommy Books".

Tommy Books, Vol. 1-Vol. 5 by Mark Brown
Published by C4 Kids,
Release: 2005
ISBN: vol.1 0-9762690-0-7, vol.2 0-9762690-1-5, vol.3 0-9762690-2-3, vol.4 0-9762690-3-1, vol.5 0-9762690-4-X

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