Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives: Building A Dream, One Home A Time!

Building Homes, Rebuilding Lives
Building A Dream, One Home A Time!

Recently, I recalled a past conversation I had with Sherry Brown Cooper, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Washington County. Oh, that's easy to do! Ms Cooper becomes quite enthusiastic, animated and excited when talking about Habitat and how it affects lives in our community. "We're building a dream!" she exclaimed! "That dream is of a community where everyone lives in decent, affordable housing. And we're building that dream, one home at a time."
The dream of eliminating poverty housing has always been Habitat's mission. Sometimes it is overwhelming to think about totally eliminating substandard housing in the world, our state of Maryland or even in Washington County. It may be a while before we reach that goal, but progress is being made. Since the first affiliate was established in Maryland in 1982, Habitat has worked with 700 homeowners. That's close to 2000 people, adults and children, who were living in unacceptable conditions. Now they are in a safe, secure place they can call home! At that rate, it is projected for 2005, Habitat will complete a house every six days here in Maryland. That is just part of the Habitat for Humanity International efforts that are now achieving one house every 26-minutes. And in Washington County, the local affiliate has built 22-homes housing 72-people.
Habitat touches lives! When people reach out to help others, they change lives. And when they help a family achieve the dream of owning a home, they cause a change that's truly profound.
Perhaps your family has a dream...the desire, the need, to own a home. Or perhaps, you as an individual or part of a group, want to help others reach out for their dreams. Now is the time to act, the time to step forward and help build something that serves human needs and lifts human spirits, changing lives for years to come.
But, building a home for a family doesn't "just happen." This is a teamwork effort. It takes more than the family, more than the volunteers, more than the Habitat organization. It needs partners! It needs you!
Here's the common thread: You care about others. You want to reward personal initiative. You want to work with a family of people who are ready and willing to work hard to achieve homeownership.
Check out the opportunities and requirements for being a partner...for sponsoring a home. Most of all, consider the benefits. Consider the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Sponsors may be individuals, groups, churches, businesses...anyone! For more information call Sherry Brown Cooper at the local Habitat office, 301-791-9009. She will tell you how you may become a partner with Habitat, and how it will benefit you!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.