A Sweet Solution to Fundraising

A Sweet Solution to Fundraising
by Jennifer LB Leese

As fantasies go, mine are rather flavorable. Fattening, yes, but not illegal. I dream of eating my way through a seven-ounce cinnamon roll with cream cheese icing. Now there are better things than a steaming hot cup of coffee to get you out of bed...and I found it! Hadley Farms' Gourmet Cinnamon Roll.
Hadley Farms, which started out as a pretzel company thirty years ago, is a full service bakery located in the small western Maryland village of Smithsburg. The DeHaan family of Smithsburg have owned and operated the bakery since 1980. Their 100-employee plant has manufactured items for both the foodservice and retail markets, all while achieving sales of over 18 million dollars. The company started with croissants before moving on to gourmet cinnamon rolls, Danish, and sweet rolls. "Food service is still our biggest business," said Chris Yeager, Hadley Farms fundraising director.
Most of Hadley Farms' business comes from supplying schools, organizations, restaurants, institutions, and businesses that enable them to go nationwide. "Our relatively small size within the baking industry permits us to handle accounts, regardless of their size, in a personal and professional manner."
Hadley Farms is doing more business than ever--even with all the South Beach and Atkins dieters out there. Chris Yeager said, "Low carb diets have really hit the bakery business." Knowing that they could have followed along with many bakery companies out there, Hadley Farms refused to create a low-carb cinnamon roll. "It wouldn't sell!" said Yeager. And he's right! Besides that, if you're going to cheat, cheat with something good.
If it weren't for a combination of determination, hard work, and the ability to change to meet the demands of the market, Hadley Farms just wouldn't make it.
Almost a year ago, Hadley Farms began a new fundraising program highlighting their seven-ounce gourmet cinnamon rolls, which will soon be enlarged to 8.2 ounces.
Those participating in the fundraising program--such as churches, little leagues, and schools--can these scrumptious rolls, individually or by a case of 12 for just $3.00 a roll, keeping half of the profits!
"A lot of people think we're crazy!"
When asked what makes them different than other fundraisers currently circulating the area, Yeager said, "We took a good hard look at what other fundraisers were doing and what we could do differently. We decided that the first priority is the end user--the ones that buy this from the kids at baseball and PTA.
They were paying phenomenal prices. We cut out the middle man and offered a gourmet cinnamon roll at a fair-market price."
On top of all that, Hadley Farms delivers the ordered goods right to the organization. They've even made ordering simple with a single ordering sheet! One side tells you about the gourmet cinnamon roll and the other side is the order form...that's it...no vouchers or credit slips to keep track of. There's no shipping and handling charges, and they even give the organizations selling their product carrying bags for the convenience of splitting up the sold items to their customers.
Unlike many fundraisers out there, through this local bakery, the organization makes 50% profit. "They make money and we make money," said Yeager. There are no minimums when ordering, and the company doesn't care if you sell one or one hundred. "If you sell 10, we won't break up a case, you'll get the entire case of twelve."
The rolls are a hot-selling product. Nonprofit organizations have taken advantage of what Hadley Farms has to offer, selling over 1,200 cases at a time. "The fundraiser has just snowballed. It's turned out really well for us," said Yeager.
These delicious (and enormous) cinnamon rolls come in their own microwavable containers and are packaged individually. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle even for the smallest sales person. They can stay frozen for about seven months and can sit out on the counter for roughly a week.
Yeager said that the company has no problem delivering to organizations as far as 200 miles away.
"Since you are dealing directly with the manufacturer your profit margin grows. The minimum profit for your organization is $18.00 a case. Our incentive and bonus programs can help your profit grow beyond expectation. A 100 case order will generate a profit of $1,980. A 200 case order will generate a profit of $3,960. A 300 case order will earn a total profit of $6,120 or $20.40 a case!"
As we all know word of mouth is the key to selling a successful product. Hadley Farms has done so well they are looking into placing these mouth-watering rolls into gourmet coffee bars, shops, and cafes, as well as in retail stores.
"We're having a lot of fun with it," said Yeager, who admits that he cheats on his diet often with these rolls.
If you're part of an organization that's looking for a profitable, simple, easy-to-store item fundraiser, then Hadley Farms Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Fundraiser is your answer. Call their fundraising department at 301-824-2558, ext. 14 or E-mail Chris Yeager at yeager@hadleyfarms.com to get started.
Hadley Farms Bakery is located right before the railroad tracks at 47 South Main Street in Smithsburg, Maryland.
This bakery's products are "Baked With You In Mind".