Fish News: Big Flounder Action

Fish News
Big Flounder Action

Big flounder are being caught at the CBBT and at the Cell. Sheepshead are being caught at the CBBT, both off of the pilings and over the tubes. Cobia are being caught by anglers chumming for them but anglers running the buoys are also having success.
July 17, we tangled with amberjacks on the Healthy Grin. On the 16th, I went to the CBBT with Stephen Powell and my son, Cameron. We loaded the live-wells with croaker. On the 17th, I ran down to the south towers with Stephen Powell, Brandy Clifford, Charles Southall, and his son, Hunter Southall. It was Hunter's and Brandy's first trips "offshore". We stopped at the A Tower and broke off some, pulled hooks on some and Brandy caught her first amberjack. The bite then stopped. We then went to the B Tower where the jacks were big and hungry. All of the fish we caught were between 46 and 58 inches. Hunter and Brandy each had to fight 4 jacks before catching one long enough for a release citation (50 inches). Charles then fought one, 52 inches. That left Stevie. Poor Stevie. I already had registered an amberjack citation this year so the rest were Stevie's. I do not have a clue how many 48 inch fish he cranked in. I know he and our baits were about done when he finally hooked up with a big one. Our biggest of the day at 58 inches. Everyone finally had their jack citations so we put out some ballyhoo and started trolling right there. Two ballyhoo. That is all the time we had put out before we were hooked to a tuna. Charles did not think Hunter had enough abuse yet so he strapped him to the rod. That yellowfin kicked Hunter's butt and then we managed to get it caught on the running gear. Somehow, that fish did not get off. We were able to find the free end of the line and handline that fish in. It weighed in at 54.5 pounds.
July 17, Dave Boyce fished with Tim Elliott for cobia. They hooked up with 10 fish in the heat. They landed 7 of them, releasing 4 of those. Their longest fish was 57 inches.
July 16, Jorj Head, Matt Rinck, and Tim Hatok fished for flounder at the CBBT. They caught 13 nice fish using live spot for bait. Two of the fish were heavy enough for citations. The largest weighed in at 7.8 pounds. They then picked up a keeper cobia off of a buoy.
July 16, John Hunt fished the Fingers. They only fished until 1:30 but they came home with a nice catch of yellowfins. They boated 11 and lost several others. He said they had a lot of action throughout the day.
July 15, Frank Kearney fished the Cell area. They caught 10 flounder. All were 23 to 26 inches long. They also caught a lot of big croaker.
July 11, I fished with Jorj Head, Jeff Dail, and Tim Hatok on Tim's boat. We fished around the CBBT for cobia and sheepshead. We caught one cobia that we tagged and released. We caught plenty of rays and sharks. We did not find any sheepshead on the pilings we tried.
July 10, Jorj Head fished for sheepshead at the CBBT. They caught 5. All 5 were registered for citations. Matt Rink caught the largest. It weighed in at 10 pounds 12 ounces. Fiddler crab was the hot bait.

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