Music Reflections/Mary Jane Lamond

by Digman

L...n D-il

L...n D-il is the musical voice of Mary Jane Lamond. A dulcet but esoteric singing means of communicating by the use of Gaelic beauty, which presents to the listener that mysterious but mellifluous cognitive process of the ability of music to interpret any language... into universal song. The words might be recondite but the voice is not!

Filled with the folk art of non-commercial pop; L...n D-il is the voice of history - ‘Old Songs Into New.’ It is sorrowful, soulful and sung by an angel... Harmonious, passionate and sung by an angel - It is spiritual!

Singing in a language of incomprehensible beauty, Lamond has found a lost art in the historical treasures of Scottish Gaelic culture.

Comprising eleven-tracks of audio-hypnotic, Gaelic exotic and vocally intensive (sensitive), ancient lyrical forms. L...n D-il is ‘de...rrsgnuçdh’... meaning brilliant and very well performed!

Steven Digman is the owner of Digman’s Violin and Publishing Company in Hagerstown, MD.