Avenue's Home: Finding My Avenue

Avenue's Home
Finding My Avenue

I had my first opportunity at a home-based business when I had my oldest son. After giving birth, I decided to stay at home because as a single mother, day care was just too much. I was blessed to be at home with mom, but I had become used to making my own money. I was 23 and needed to maintain my independence in some way.
I started selling Avon. I made a decent amount, but it still was not enough for me. So I began babysitting for a couple of my friends and that helped me to have a enough to give my mother something, buy what the baby needed, and sometimes have enough for extras.
Eventually my mother and best friend saw that they could make some extra bucks with Avon and I couldn't say "no" because they had both been so supportive to me. Well with their newfound "street of gold" went the majority of my customers. So I was down to just the two children I watched.
I had to find something else.
One evening I attended a Mary Kay party and visions of "Pink Cars danced in my head. I signed up that night. I loved making people pretty anyway, so I thought this would be right up my alley. I borrowed some money from my ever-supportive best friend and purchased my kit. Within a month I had three people working under me and parties booked up for at least a month in advance. Well that did not last long, because it was just not me.
I did some other things, but none of them ever panned out quite like I thought they would.
By this time I was on my own, because my mother retired and moved back home to Oklahoma. What a blow! But hey, I decided that I could do this. I wanted to prove to myself that I could make it.
Eventually I decided to give daycare a try since I was already babysitting. Well, that stuck and I owned and ran a daycare servicing anywhere from 4-11 children. It was a great privilege and I enjoyed every moment of it. However, due to unforeseen damage in the road (a bad roommate), it was demolished after 4 years.
I went back into the outside workforce after being at home for 5 years. I worked for the next five years as an Administrative Assistant, Sale Person, Office Manager, Lead Operator, and Senior Member Rep. Some of those I worked at the same time to make enough to pay rent, bills, tuition, buy food, and still be able to afford the bus fare to get there.
Well all that changed when I got married in 2002. We decided that I would stay at home and homeschool my son. That was fine for a while but I missed the opportunity to do more and contribute.
Once my youngest son was born, I decided it was time to find a new avenue home.
I started doing research, trying to find what would best fit me. I joined a few networks and sent out for information on various opportunities. None of them were for me.
Eventually I decided to start sharing my writing. I had been writing for more than 20 years and it was time to let the world know. I also had to find some way to create an income source for homeschooling and for all the valuable information I have gained as a WAHM.
Well to make a long story short, I am now a freelance writer. I contribute regularly to few e-zines as a contributing writer. In addition, I write content for my frequently visited blogs and I have a new magazine debuting in October.
As far as homeschooling and WAHM source go, those are in the works and I can't wait to get that going as well. However, things take time and it will come when it supposed to. In the meantime I worked at it everyday and it is a blessing.
I found my avenue home through years and trial and error. I want to be able to help you to find your avenue quicker and in a more focused way.
My journey was trusted to me so that I could come here today and share with you.
Just know that you will find your Avenue Home.

LaTara Ham-Ying is a writer from Illinois, whose columns have helped many work-at-home moms realize their Avenue's Home. Visit her online at http://avenueshome4u.blogspot.com