Fish News: Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna

Fish News
Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna

Tuna action is very good off of Virginia right now. Both yellowfin and bluefin tuna are available. An occasional billfish is being encountered by the tuna fleet but nobody has been targeting them. That is about to change as the marlin tournament season begins this weekend. Amberjacks are at the south towers. Spanish mackerel can be caught at Cape Henry and along the CBBT.
July 10, I went offshore. I had been asked to donate a trip to the CCA for one of their fund raisers. The trip was bought by Robin Wallace, Cheryl Paige, Debbie Hurst, and Bill Hurst. I had Stephen Powell and Capt. Richard Bartlett acting as mates. Well I had a crew of all star anglers and two top notch mates so we should have loaded the boat. We did not catch a fish. The slowest day offshore I have had in years. It was a bad time for that.
July 10, Don Crist ran out past the Fingers. They managed to catch 4 yellowfin tuna in about 35 fathoms.
July 10, Charles Southall took his son, Hunter, cobia fishing. They caught 2 small cobia on the Inner Middle Grounds. Hunter thought that was pretty cool and has been pestering dad every since to go again.
July 10, Bob Manus and his wife, Jenny, ran to the Hot Dog. They managed to catch a 39 inch king mackerel, a 30 inch bluefin, and a small dolphin. They then ran to the 22 Fathom Finger and set out lines again. They hooked up a bigger fish that tested the husband and wife team. A lot of effort and an hour and half later, they managed to boat the 52 inch fork length bluefin. The fish about did Jenny in but she is ready to head back out and do it again.
July 10, John Hunt ran out after tuna. They fished in about 30 fathoms SE of the Fingers and managed to boat 5 yellowfin tuna.
July 9, Steve Martin fished north of Back River Reef for flounder. They managed 7 keepers up to 22 inches. They were trolling in 25-30 foot of water.
July 7, John Hunt fished the 30 fathom curve around the 41400 line. They had a slow day managing just one yellowfin.
July 6, Lyle Bayer and Darrell Simms fished the Hot Dog. They caught 4 bluefin tuna and a whole bunch of big bluefish.
July 6, Stephen Grimes fished the Hot Dog. They caught a couple of bluefin tuna and a number of big bluefish.
July 5, Capt. Nolan Agner took a charter out after tuna. They ended up with 10 yellowfin and 2 bluefin tuna.
July 4, Bob Manus took his brother, T.G. Manus, and Roland Monday to the south towers for amberjacks. Roland caught the biggest one at 56 inches. T.G. caught a 51 inch fish. Bob's largest fish measured in at 49 inches making him the only one on the boat not registering a citation.
July 4, Capt. Nolan Agner took a charter after bluefin tuna. They caught 20 bluefin up to 50 pounds. They also caught a whole bunch of bluefish.

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