Dare to Live Without Limits: The Basic Principles

Dare to Live Without Limits
The Basic Principles

How do you live life your way, to its fullest potential? What you have to do is recognize, understand and apply the same proven principles utilized by successful people for thousands of years. These timeless principles work reliably through faithful and consistent implementation.
These principles, although simple and straightforward, can seem difficult to carry out. Why? Because application of these principles requires us to think and act in a manner different from what we are used to.
To make changes in your life you must change what you are doing. Only you can alter those aspects of your life you are not happy with. You can not blame anyone else for your situation. You can not depend on anyone else to make changes for you. What happens in your life is your choice. It's up to you.
Each of my columns will give you valuable, practical suggestions for getting the most out of life. Look for and save each one. The next several columns will outline each of the following principles:
* You are what you think about
* Set goals
* Plan how to reach your goals
* All we have is today
* Never ever give up
* Education never ends
* Control your own emotions
* Guard your time
* Have an attitude of gratitude
* What you project you receive
1. You are what you think about
Your attitude and what you think determines who you are. How you think is the only thing differentiating you from others. Twenty-four hours a day your mind operates to figure out ways which will bring your thoughts to reality. Positive thoughts or negative, your mind doesn't discriminate. Like a freshly plowed field, your mind grows whatever seeds of thought you plant.
Only you can select the seeds of thought which are planted. The only thing you have absolute control over is your attitude and thoughts. Always be positive and visualize success. Act the way you want to be. If you think you can do something you are right. If you think you can't do something, you are also right. The choice is yours.
2. Set goals
What do you want from life? You don't need to project years into the future. You need to determine what you want now. It doesn't matter what your goals are so long as they're your goals and don't involve hurting others. Write down your goals and read them every day. Goals give you a definiteness of purpose and are the map to your desired destination.
If you don't know what you want, spend time analyzing yourself to determine what you like and don't like. Make two lists. One will contain everything you want from life while the other will list what you don't want. Develop these lists without any limitations.
List everything, even if you think it seems unrealistic. These lists will enable you to set immediate goals. Without goals, you have no direction or destination and are like a rudderless ship on the ocean; much more likely to run aground than arrive safely in port.

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