Color Your World Wonderful

Color Your World Wonderful
Brighten up your kitchen with beautiful new shades of island blue and pink grapefruit.
Hop to it in the bedroom as well with bright blue and yellow shams and comforters.

(NAPS)-Here's a bright idea: You can easily enhance your home with a few simple, colorful, practical and decorative elements-without having to spend a lot of the green stuff. These hints on how from home expert Ginny Bean may help:
* In the bedroom: Wake up the way your room looks with an easy-to-make headboard. Have a sheet of plywood cut to the bed's width and about 48" high. Wrap the plywood with quilt batting and then staple on a colorful fabric, such as an extra flat sheet that coordinates with the rest of your bedding, wrapping it to the back. Screw the headboard to the wall, hiding the screws at the bottom behind the bed.
A quick, easy way to make your bed look more luxurious and inviting is to add a variety of pillows in different shapes, sizes and textures. To brighten it up even more, you can now get sheets, shams and comforters that feature tropical shades of sky blue and goldfinch yellow.
* In the kitchen: Show off your good taste with colorful linens, bright comfortable rugs and eye-catching accessories such as brightly colored canisters.
You may be tickled pink to get blenders, toasters and can openers in hot new shades of pink grapefruit and island blue. The blender has four stainless steel blades. The two- or four-slice toaster senses the moisture in bread to toast it right. The electric can opener's magnetic lid lifter means safe and easy disposal. The island blue color can also be found on pots and pans.
You can even get cookin' like Rachael Ray with an oven- and dishwasher-safe cookware set. It features bright fennel-green handles and is available exclusively at Ginny's, a catalog and website company dedicated to making life a little more fun and a little easier-and to helping you create unforgettable moments. The solid stainless steel handles have heat-resistant silicone grips. The color can also be found on other cookware and bakeware.
Bean, whose motto is "Life is happening. We'll help you live it, one moment at a time," has many more colorful, useful products.
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