Editor's Note: Spring 2013

Editor's Note
Spring 2013

Well, here we are again --it's spring! And there are signs of it everywhere! There are buds on trees and little green sprouts of grass. Soon there will be daffodils, and longer and warmer days.
Usually around this time of year we are all getting the itch to be outdoors.
Spring weather wakes us from our winter dormancy and causes us to get out and have some fun. While the trees are bare, we can see the beautiful blooming dogwood trees and wildflowers stretching across open fields. The brisk wind draws us to the park for kite-flying. The warm sun welcomes us into the garden and workshop for outdoor projects.
During spring we feel more energetic. We catch a glimpse of the fun before us and we just can't wait to get started.
As I'm sure you have already noticed, a few changes have taken place here at the Picket News - and we believe them to be a positive one that will surely enhance our future as a free community newspaper.
Although you may see changes, and some you may not like, some you may love, the Picket News plans to be around for a long time, so these changes are necessary and are taking place so we may continue to bring you the best of Washington County and it's surrounding areas.
In this new issue of the Picket News, we are hoping you will want to take advantage of the season by getting outside in the tri-state and taking in a bit of history at the Antietam Battlefield, Pen Mar Park, any or all state and county parks, Jonathan Hager House and more.
No matter how you like to spend your spring days, there's always something to do and somewhere to go in beautiful Washington County.
There's shopping, theatre, music, student-ran programs and events, beautiful spots to hike and take in nature and wildlife, places to take the family, baseball games and racecar races to attend, places to take in history, and places to learn about agriculture in your county. Get out there & enjoy!

Yours in Ink,
Jennifer LB Leese