Points to Ponder: One Nation (Slipping out From) Under God

Points to Ponder
One Nation (Slipping out From) Under God
By Pastor Whitmore
Weekly Contributing Writer

"Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened and heard them..." (Malachi 3:16a)
In a culture that is turning away from God and rejecting biblical principles, people of faith can feel very alone. In the United States, prayer in schools is not allowed; unless there's been a shooting there. In Chicago, there have been 500 murders in a year, with no foreseeable end to the rampant violence. But, at least the mayor took a stand against Christian-owned Chic-fil-A and the dangerous values for which they stand.
It's interesting to note that the moral decline of our nation is in tandem with the persistent efforts of some groups to disconnect from our scriptural foundation. Deny it all you want, but if you just visit the historic sites and read some of the writings of our founders, you can see a Christian heritage that goes back to The Mayflower Compact.
All doctrinal arguments aside, the general truth that there is One God, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, still stands. Even those who didn't personally ascribe to this, came alongside those who did. But, now there is a collective belief among those in the vocal minority who say we are beyond such things.
It is a pity that so few (even among Christians) read the entire Bible. The scriptures show us so much about ourselves as people. Where we are as a nation is where ancient Israel was; foregoing the scriptural standards of life and electing to follow their own ideas, God sent warnings via the prophets. The people ignored them. Eventually the protective hand of God lifted from the nation and they received the fruit of their arrogance.
Do you remember what it was like to watch the Twin Towers in New York burn and then crumple to the ground? On that clear day, September 11, 2001, we all watched helplessly as evil had its way with us. There was nothing anyone could do. For a while, we turned to God. But that didn't last long. It seems like most people go to God for what He can do for them; not for what He may be wanting from us.
A telling moment for me was when the U.S. Congress gathered outside and sang "God Bless America." That was politically correct on that day; but they had better not do that today. There's a group trying to have "so help me God" removed from the President's oath of office. Really, can you imagine being the President of the United States and not needing or asking for God's help in that job?
That congressional choral performance relates to where we are today. I don't think "God Bless America" was a prayer request they were singing. It seemed more like the celebration of an entitlement. God is here to serve us. After all, we are the United States of America. We can reject His word, be ashamed to utter His name, ignore prayer for His 2013-5 guidance; but He'll be there when we need Him. Like an old Timex: "He takes a licking and keeps on ticking."
If the Bible is God's word, is it not also authoritative? When did it cease to be authoritative? As a nation - and as individuals - we need to make up our minds. Truth does not change. By its very definition, it is not relative. Truth is Truth. One's choosing to disbelieve it will not nullify it.
Ancient Israel believed that they too could just blow off God's standard and do things their way. Eventually, they fell to their enemies. If we are "one nation under God", how do you think this God is going to deal with the national disrespect we show toward Him?
Malachi gave the last word from God to His people; a people who had hearts of stone and no longer took Him seriously. In the midst of that ancient apostate culture, God had a word of encouragement for the faithful minority: He hears you and listens.
"So a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the Lord and who meditate on His name." (Malachi 3:16b)
God does not forget the faithful who live for Him. Days ahead will get tougher; therefore, each of us will need to decide what we truly believe. Then stand firm in the Truth we know.
"For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels." (Mark 8:38)

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