It's Only Ink! Roly-Polies

It's Only Ink!

No matter what your age, everyone remembers playing with roly-polies (potato buts) at one time or another. What most people don't know is that these amusing creatures aren't bugs at all! They are a crustacean and are more closely related to crabs, shrimp and lobsters.
Appropriate for ages 3-6 as a read-a-loud book, "The Roly-Poly Hunters (in Kindergarten)" by Robin Merlino, clearly describes a roly-poly.
Maddie is just starting kindergarten. She's nervous about being able to make friends. When her teacher tells the class that every Friday is sharing day-the butterflies in her tummy star to act up. Maddie knew exactly what she wanted to bring-her roly-polies. When Friday arrived, Maddie waited her turn. She put on her vest and hat, cradling a mysterious plastic cage, and headed to the front of the class as Maddie the Roly-Poly Hunter.
Does the class enjoy what Maddie brought to share? Does she make friends?
Find out by getting this imaginative picture book for children.
Kindergarten teachers could easily use "The Roly-Poly Hunters (in Kindergarten)" as an introduction for sharing day.
The adorable full-color illustrations, also by the author, enhances the story line and adds charm and excitement to Maddie and her roly-polies.
This reviewer and her three roly-poly hunters thoroughly enjoyed Merlino's storybook.

The Roly-Poly Hunters (in Kindergarten) by Robin Merlino
Published by: Trafford Publishing,
Release: 2005
ISBN: 1-4120-5353-6
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

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