Dare to Live Without Limits: The Basic Principles: Part 3

Dare to Live Without Limits
The Basic Principles Part 3

Society in general tends to be negative. As positive as you may be, you need to recharge your attitude on a regular basis. This column helps by providing useful techniques and examples for living without limits. Even though staying positive, like staying in shape, requires constant effort, the rewards are phenomenal. 6. Education never ends Never stop learning. Education is a lifetime endeavor. Formal schooling is the least significant part of your education. Keep your mind open to learn new things every day. Every person you come into contact with has something to teach you. It doesn't matter what someone else's educational level, social status or age is. Learn from those you like and admire as well as from those you don't care for. Each situation you experience has something to teach you. When things work out as planned you can learn. When things don't work out as expected, you can learn. Actually, you can learn more when things don't work than when they do. In order to learn, your mind must be open and receptive. There must be room for new ideas. If a water glass is full, you can't add more water. If you feel that you know everything, your mind is full and has no room for new ideas. 7. Control your own emotions Don't allow others to control you emotions. Although you can't control your environment you can control your reaction to it. It doesn't matter what other people say, think or do. What does matter is what you say, think and do. Often those closest to you, family and friends, will be the most critical and judgmental of your goals and plans. Everyone who has ever accomplished anything has at some point been laughed at and criticized. Every technological and societal development that benefits us today was only possible because their innovators kept to their path despite the condemnation of others. You can't control other people's opinions and actions but you can control your response. If you want to attain other people's goals then follow their advice. If you want to reach your own goals, follow your own path. It's not easy, but it's worth it! 8. Guard your time Twenty-four hours a day is all the time any person has. There is a special bank account where 86,400 new seconds are deposited for you every day. You choose how to spend your daily balance. Each day any unused or wasted balance is zeroed out and lost forever, nothing carries forward. Granted, not all of your time is discretionary. You may be spending time at a job you don't like. But how is the rest of each day spent? Is your free time spent with people who share your positive attitude and encourage you or with people who are negative and discouraging? Do you spend your free time working towards your goals? Every second that goes by is gone forever; it's your choice how to use it. Your time is one of your most precious commodities. Guard your time and don't allow negative people or activities to steal it.

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