County Comment: Update on Recreation Summer Programs

County Comment
Update on Recreation Summer Programs
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

As part of its regular meeting on July 26, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners conducted its annual site visit and lunch with the children at Marty Snook Park's Summer Play Camp.
The Commissioners also presented certificates of award to camp counselors Jamie Lafferty and Nikki Centofonti for actions above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring safety of campers at Smithsburg Lions Community Park on July 6.
Recreation Director Jaime Dick told the Board that this year there are 411 children participating at 8 camps located at Snook Park, Boonsboro Middle School, Clear Spring Park, Williamsport Elementary school, Smithsburg Lions Park, and at Hagerstown Community College. That figure was up from 359 participants last year, Dick said.
The play camps are part of a comprehensive program of recreational activities that citizens can be involved in, con ducted in a number of locations across Washington County.
For additional information, call the Recreation Department at 240-313-2805.